Why Most People Stress Out About Local Travel?

Some people embrace the idea of travelling abroad and discovering the world. Others prefer staycations. But, in the end, we all know how to prepare for a vacation. We pick the best accommodation we can afford. We pack our bags – with always a few extra in case of bad weather. We double-check that we’ve got our passports and flight tickets. And voila, we’re ready to explore the world, however far or not we’re travelling. 


However, when it comes to business travel, the feeling is pretty much different. A vast majority of Britons admit that they are worried about travelling locally to meet up with a client or go to a job interview. Even when you do everything you can to keep your cool, you still find it impossible to alleviate commute anxiety. Why are people reluctant to short business trips, and how can we make things easier? 


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They don’t consider transport options

The first and most common travel option that people consider is to drive. Taking the car gives you the feeling that you are in charge. However, driving into a busy town or an unknown area can dramatically increase your stress levels. More often than not, the best option is to rely on public transportation. There is a lot to choose from, from train and tube connections for a place such as London to airport and taxi transfer. Admittedly, you need to plan for potential delays; therefore, it’s best to schedule an early commute. However, in most cases, combining public transport and cab can be a relaxing and simple alternative to a stressful drive. 


They skip basic research 

You can’t navigate your way with confidence if you don’t know the area. Of course, it’s impossible to behave like a local if you’ve never visited the town before. However, it’s time to get familiar with Google Maps. You can use the tool to create personal itineraries which can let you schedule your day through multiple locations. Additionally, you can also use Google Maps to answer simple questions, such as where am I going to eat or where’s the nearest ATM. It’s a fantastic way of getting a mental image of the town, which makes you more efficient for your appointment. 


They worry about the weather

People complain when it rains during their holiday, but they worry about it. However, if you’re meeting a client in town, rainy weather could completely ruin your chances to impress. Breathe in, breathe out, and remind yourself that your clients are like you: they are not weatherproof. The only way to handle unfavourable weather is to dress for it. In other words, you might have to switch that pair of elegant heels for boots. Yes, it means not wearing your good luck tailored suit, but it also means staying dry!


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They are too comfortable in their habits

Oh no, I’ll have to get up early. I don’t like that. 

True, travelling, whether for business or pleasure, implies some sacrifices. But changing your comfortable routine shouldn’t be a worry. New habits can be enjoyable too! And even if you don’t enjoy it, it’s only for one day. 


Local travel is the most important cause of worries for professionals. However, understanding the typical issues about business travel can also give you some helpful clues to manage your stress and make it a simple and enjoyable day.



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