Why Instagram Pods are TOTALLY OKAY

Ah. Instagram.

Where oh where do I begin?

The largest, trendiest, easiest and most popular photo sharing platform, all right beneath or thumbs. I could spend hours endlessly scrolling through the pretty, filtered photo’s of avocados, ibiza rooftops and selfies of social media queens, who all seem to be part of some secret magic club that gives them the most photogenic pose I’ve ever seen in my life.




Instagram is some sort of big black hole that I constantly find myself being sucked into. It’s almost a puzzle to me…a fun game. How many likes can I get? Do my followers actually engage? Why is my following count as turbulent as my mood swings?

 You know what I mean.

Hashtags, following sprees, shameless self promo, we’ve all been there. And to be quite honest, most of us STILL don’t know how this mysterious app actually works. #L4L and all that. Christ, I feel like I’m in year seven and my MSN name is in need of a little update.

However recently, I’ve been introduced to Instagram Pods. If you are yet to come across an Instagram Pod, it’s basically a little group chat on Instagram where you can add your friends, fellow bloggers, or anyone who takes your fancy (ooo I might even add my boyfriend into one) who can then instantly see what you post. All you have to do is send your latest posts straight to the chat. And VWUH-LAH. They all see it straight away and can like/comment/do whatever the hec they want.

Now I’ve seen quite a few bloggers in the blogging community suggesting that this is fake engagement. Maybe you think that, maybe you don’t. But this post is all about expressing my opinion as to why they are TOTALLY OKAY.

Once you’re added to a pod, you aren’t FORCED to like or comment on anything. It’s just a much easier way to see posts quickly. And quite often, you are only added to pods of people you usually engage with. I’ve been added to a few Instagram Pods lately and the support and encouragement from other bloggers is incredible! We all chat, share, and give some gal loving to each other; because that’s exactly what they are for! 


Since joining these pods I’ve seen my engagement levels sky rocket. That’s not fake, that’s just getting the right people and the right accounts to appreciate what you post!

What do you think about Instagram Pods? Are you part of any? Would you like to be?

Let me know what you think!



10 responses to “Why Instagram Pods are TOTALLY OKAY”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see your point. However, the aim of comments is to engage with your audience. Unless you're blogging about blogging, you're missing out on a whole world out there. We all want a stranger out there to see and appreciate our content. To some extent, having a the same set of commenter seems kinda weird because it's really not in human nature to. I'm not judging you or anything. I was in a number of pods and I left. With tI me, the monotony makes comments lose their value. You won't appreciate their comments because a part of you believes they did it because they had to.comments are hard. I know the struggle. So I appreciate the random one comment from a stranger who had no obligation to.Love your blog btw.

    • Claire Walker says:

      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your view point! However, having the same people comment doesn't stop the strangers from commenting 🙂 It still reaches a huge range of people! Having the pod comment (if they choose to) is just like having a friend continuously support your work – which is still very much appreciated <3 ! I appreciate all of my comments the same. And thankyou! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog xx

  2. Geet Singh says:

    I was a part of an Instagram pod once but honestly I couldn't fit in and I tried commenting and liking all the post however engagement on my posts was not so great so I left.This post was an amazing read!Thank you for sharing 💜

  3. abbeylouisarose says:

    I want to join a few Insta pods when I can be more active over the summer! I'm in a couple of pods for blog comments and I find them so useful for getting genuine feedback and for getting me more engaged with other people's blogs as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!Abbey xx http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • Claire Walker says:

      Go for it! I can't wait until you've finished your exams so you'll be posting more – exciting! Thanks for the comment lovely xxhttps://www.grabyourcamera.co.uk

  4. Britt K says:

    I love the concept of Instagram pods and supporting someone that you choose to follow – to me I see it as no different than making sure that you are connecting with a certain account regularly because you like it so long as you are in pods with people you actually like in support BUT I do caution you that Instagram is on a huge crackdown on any and all ways that people are trying to beat the system with their growth. Shadowbans have been connected with hashtag use (certain hashtags) and bot use thus far, but I wouldn't be surprised if instagram pods are the next thing. I am not sure how they would go about doing it, but I'm sure they can find a way…. so just keep an eye open and watch for that. It's always good practice to stay on top of whether you have been shadowbanned or not regularly anyway. Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

    • Claire Walker says:

      Such a fab comment – thanks! I completely agree with everything you said 🙂 Oh gosh…shadow banning terrifies me! After every post I regularly check which is always a relief when it says I'm safe haha xx

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