THE NEXT STOP: Shake Shack

Being in Hong Kong means you’re surrounded by insane food restaurants, quirky  street food dishes and the food panda app to have food delivered straight to your door. However, sometimes I’m just craving my western favourites and Shake Shack was just the place to fill that void.


I’d seen so many insta snaps of Shake Shack milkshakes and burgers that I just had to try it for myself and BOY did it not disappoint.


The place was surrounded by huge skyscrapers and beautiful views. As like most places in Hong Kong, there was quite a long queue…but it went down so quickly! Shoutout to the staff for whacking the food out so quickly and it still being mega fresh.

I ordered a chicken burger, fries, and vanilla milkshake and it was insaaaane. Even writing this is making my stomach rumble out of hunger (I ain’t even lying.) The people I were with ordered beef burgers and they were just as scrummy.

BIG NEWS, these were probably one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. The meat was cooked to perfection (and usually I’m quite funny about how my meat is cooked.) The fries were the right amount of potato-ness (lol is that a word?) and the shake was so filling and washed the food down nicely.

The vibe, the decor and the food were just unreal and I really recommend you go and try this place in you’re in the 852.

Rating: 10/10.


Claire ♡


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