The next stop: Los Sotano

This gal loves a good Mexican. Tacos and cocktails make the perfect mix and Mexican restaurants are always my number 1 go to choice for an evening feed.

Since being in Hong Kong I’ve been googling and reading non-stop about places to go and I stumbled across Los Sotano

Maybe it was the hidden door concept that drew me in, or the photos of the edgy neon lights and wall art, but I was DOWN FOR IT.

Los Sotano is a Mexican restaurant and bar hidden underground in the heart of LKF. (the party central of Hong Kong.) You have to find the mysterious barrel door and press the eyes on the skull which then reveals a dark spiral staircase which leads to the COOLEST PLACE EVER.

It’s so dark and lit with gorgeous scented candles. We were greeted with huge smiles and dancing staff which was SO LOVELY and surprising because service in Hong Kong is probably on the weaker side. (Usually because everywhere is so busy so they need people to rush) but here they were so relaxed and welcoming.

I ordered a glass of wine to start (which was super budget friendly) and then Watermelon flavored cocktail to follow. Who doesn’t love a pretty cocktail for the gram? AM I RIGHT?!

My boyfriend also got giddy and ordered about ten million tequila shots. #GUDTYMZ

The shots definitely helped me bust some moves to the absolute TUNES they were playing. (They have DJ sets too, how good is that?!)

For food we ordered a variety of tacos, some Mexican rice and corn on the cob which was DELICIOUS.

Honestly I can’t wait to return to Los Sotano because it was 10/10.

If you’re in Hong Kong and fancy a night of snacks, tequila and lots of fun then this is the place to go! Trust me.


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