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Friday the 12th of August.


Still in bed.

Yikes. You wouldn’t ever guess that I’m actually a motivated, determined (and extremely well behaved) University Student. But I am…take my word for it. Don’t judge me from my un-brushed hair and my all too familiar blanket cocoon.

This is probably going to sound kinda crazy but I’ve always had some sort of affiliation with job hunting. Even if I’m not searching for a job, my recent google history will tell you otherwise.

I’m starting my final year of University in September which means that my little old stressy bubble of a brain means that the perfect time to start searching for jobs is…well…now.

There’s something so comforting about sitting in bed with some snacks, your fave tunes blaring from you ipod and your fingers rapidly searching on your laptop for that all important dream job that you just HAVE to have. I mean, you have to…it’s all you’ve ever talked about since the age of 10, right?

I’d always heard of job websites such as Indeed and Guardian jobs etc…but then I came across Spotlight Recruitment. This is a recruitment agency that specialises in marketing roles, and basically..all things that us bloggers love. It’s so great to have a website that only provides you with jobs that you’d ACTUALLY be interested in applying for.

Now, because I’m fabulous and love to help a buddy out, I’ve made a TO DO LIST to help with job hunting. This is a job hunting OBSESSIVE you’re dealing with. So this advice is hard to come by.


This is your future career we’re talking about! Something you could be doing day in and day out. Look for jobs that you will love and instead of feeling dread, you will be filled with excitement and joy.

2) Keep track on which jobs you have applied for, or which ones you would like to apply for. 

The more cute notebook lists the better!

3) Make your CV the best thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Make it possible for someone to fancy the pants off a CV. Ha, weird.

4) If you’re rejected from a job, ASK WHY. 

This could help you with applying for future ones.


Apply for every god damn job you find. Over estimate yourself. Just GO FOR IT, because you just never know.

I hope my little pointers, the useful Spotlight Recruitment website and my Friday motivation will guide you in the right direction.

Do YOU have any advice for ME?!

Comment below and I’ll be sure to take in on board.

Happy Searching!

Claire ♡



This post was in collaboration with Spotlight Recruitment. All opinions are my own.


9 responses to “The Job Hunt | Spotlight [ad]”

  1. Kayleigh Bestwick says:

    Great post! Although not currently on the market for a new job, I'm all too familiar with the whole job hunting world that you get sunk into. I agree, now is the ultimate time to start applying for jobs with the high hope you'll land yourself that dream job before you even graduate!I studied photography at university, but 2 years in and I no longer saw it as a career. Once I graduated, it was only then that I realised my blog was what I wanted and this ended up getting me into the marketing industry – but it did take me 7 months to get a job, because I had no experience other than my little ol' blog. Now nearly 2 years on, I've moved up and forward and I couldn't be happier! I'll definitely be bookmarking this post for future reference!Kayleigh

  2. Claire Walker says:

    Thankyou so much for your detailed and lovely comment! I'm so glad you found what career path you wanted to go down. I'm so glad you enjoyed the read too 🙂 <3 going to check out your blog now! xx

  3. Kate Rose xo says:

    Great post! I loved getting to know a little bit more about you and what's going on in your life. xKate//

  4. Helena Mulhearn says:

    Ow, Ive never heard of Spotlight before ill definitely be checking them out! I'm in the same position s you right now going into my last year not knowing when i should start looking for a job for when i finish

    • Claire Walker says:

      Do it! Ahh it's stressful isn't it. Like when do we start looking?! When do we start applying?! SOMEONE TELL US PLEASE. xx

  5. Vee O'Sullivan says:

    This is a great post! I'm constantly on the look out for new jobs – I've been out of work for a couple of months now and it can be so stressful to try and find that *perfect* job, especially if they're only part time during uni! I like the sound of the spotlight website, though. I'm definitely going to have to check that out tomorrow! Vee ✨ //

    • Claire Walker says:

      Aw thankyou honey! Do it!- it's great even to just get a little bit of inspiration and direction from 🙂 good luck with your job hunting! I agree that it can be so stressful! xx

  6. Tania Jayne says:

    Good luck with finding your dream job! I think it's great that you're looking early on so that you know exactly what is available & the type of pre-requisites you'll need. Having a job that you love is so important. It's also great to know where it might lead in the future. XxTania | When Tania Talks

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