*GP – The Benefits Of Finding Your Number One Destination

As wonderful as it is to explore the world in all its glory, there is something to be said for finding a destination that seems to be that little bit more special – to the point where it becomes your number one, your absolute favourite in the world. For me, this place at the moment is Hong Kong. I adore it in all it’s craziness and it’s definitely become my home away from home.

When you’ve found your number one, here are a few benefits you can look forward to enjoying…


1) Easy holiday planning


Sometimes, we all want to escape to somewhere we know we can trust and where a good time is guaranteed. Want to head off on a trip at short notice? Not a problem; you can be sure that a hastily arranged tip to your favourite-ever destination will never disappoint.


2) The opportunity to explore in greater depth


Most of us only visit a destination for a short period of time, which can be limiting when it comes to genuinely immersing yourself in every wonder that the destination – and the surrounding areas – have to offer. However, when you’ve found your favourite destination, you can return time and again, exploring further each time – potentially even to the point where the area begins to feel like a home away from home. Speaking of…


3) The possibility of a holiday home


A holiday home offers you an affordable way to return to your favourite destination time and again – and if your favourite destination is in the UK, you’re in particular luck. As the infographic below demonstrates perfectly, static caravans – which can be found across the most popular visitor areas in the UK – are a fantastic choice that can allow you to visit your number one area with ease. I’ve always loved the thought of a holiday home…maybe one day huh!


Infographic Design By Lyons Static Caravans For Sale


Have you got that one destination you just love going to, no matter how many times you’ve been before?

Some places just cannot get old!

Claire ♡




Disclaimer: This is NOT an ad but was written in collaboration.


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