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Long time to speak! (Or should I say, long time no blog…)

I’ve been pretty busy recently starting back at University, and y’know…going on the odd date here and there.

After recently posting The dating check list, a few people requested that I started a dating series on my blog….and I thought that was a flippin’ FABULOUS idea.

So I’m starting this series with a post all about the realities of dating a blogger… let’s see how much you can all relate to this one. Whether you’re a blogger yourself, dating a blogger, or are thinking of asking a blogger on a date…this is what you have in store.

One. A date isn’t JUST a date. It’s a blogging opp, an instagram snap, some footage for a vlog, a snapchat story. Bloggers are constantly on the go, and a date isn’t gonna’ stop that.

Two. Whatever you say or do on a date, our followers will know about it. Spilt your drink on us? Tweeted. Messed up? Blogged about it. You’re basically famous now. Are we scaring you off yet? (???)

Three. You will become a professional and published Photographer, whether you like it or not. Us bloggers like, or NEED our photo’s being taken. A cute date night outfit is vital blog content, so of COURSE we need a thousand pictures taken before we walk out of the door. Take it as a positive, you will learn so much about cameras and editing that you will basically qualify as a 10/10 paparazzi member. GO YOU.

Four. We like to write long messages. We are good with our words…that’s a good enough excuse for us sending you a hundred word whatsapp message at 3am right?

Five. Our mood depends on our phone battery. Yes, it’s pretty tragic and god damn sad, but our phone battery life can turn our mood from an all time to high, to a scarily and angrily all time low. WE CAN’T CHECK OUR TWITTER NOTIFICATIONS. AND THERE’S A BLOGGERS CHAT IN 5 MINUTES. SOMEONE HAND ME AN IPHONE CHARGER BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.

Six. There will be days where you will more than likely find us in bed at 3pm, still in our pyjamas, covered in biscuit crumbs and spilt hot chocolate. We like our lazy days. Even though our lazy days aren’t actually lazy. They consist of scheduling, editing, posting, reading…and so on. OBVIOUSLY we would want to do that from our bed. So leave us to it…and NO…don’t you dare open the curtains! 

Seven. There will also be days where we like a good cry about how our stats are low and that we aren’t good enough. This one is pretty easy to handle. Provide endless cuddles, snacks…and give your best effort by remembering that post you liked..y’know, the one where our hair looked pretty and we were wearing that red dress? Well, it was pink…but good effort.

Eight. We talk about our blogger friends and followers as though they are people we have met in real life. Don’t be alarmed if we start reeling off twitter handles and blog URL’s mid conversation. 

Nine. We might get a LOT of mail. Whether that’s because we get sent samples and free gifts, or whether it’s because we are addicted to shopping…you will never know.

Ten. Even though we may seem high maintenance, we can be the most honest, encouraging and supportive people you will ever meet.

So what do you think?

Do some of these sound accurate? Can you relate? Would you dare date a blogger?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed the first post to my dating series, and hopefully there will be many more to come!



23 responses to “The 10 realities of dating a blogger | DATING SERIES”

  1. abbeylouisarose says:

    HAHAHA I LOVE THIS CLAIRE!! These are all super accurate, especially the bit about your blogging friends being talked about just as much as "in real life" friends! Anyone dating a blogger should also expect them to say good morning to their Twitter followers way before responding to any cute morning texts from a significant other hehe! Adore this series already, keep going!!Abbey 😍

    • Claire Walker says:

      Aww I'm so glad you love it! Thanks so much for suggesting a dating series, it's such a great idea! Ooo I didn't think of that one!- saying hi to twitter followers always comes first haha 😉 Thanks for your encouragement and support lovely xx

  2. Vanessa-Ann says:

    Omg Claire I absolutely LOVE THIS (!!!!) it's legit so relatable too ahaha, cant wait to see your other dating posts xxxx

  3. Tereza Kohutova says:

    That's such a lovely post Claire, I can fully relate to all of them. Some of them even crossing over – like 4 & 8. When I text my boyfriend a long-ass text about someone doing something OH MY GOD how could they – and when he asks who that is I'm like – just one girl on Twitter, haha! First world problems or what!

    • Claire Walker says:

      hahahaha that's SO true, made me laugh lots! That's exactly what I'm like as well! Thankyou for your comment sweetie xx

  4. Kate Rose xo says:

    This was such a good post and seriously made me laugh. I relate to this so much and think I'll be showing any future boyfriend I have this post to prepare him! xKate//

  5. Ivefoundwaldo says:

    I love this! As a blogger I can relate to so much of these ! First article i've read by you and can't wait to read more! Expect a follow on bloglovin'

  6. Catalina Blue says:

    This whole post is really nice but I must admit, #2 is certainly scaring me off xD I'm the kind of person who doesn't like these kinds of things to be public because it gives me anxiety Dx like what if things don't work? How embarrassing it would be to have everything chronicled online xD

    • Claire Walker says:

      haha I know exactly what you mean! It is pretty scary 🙈 But there's also a fine line!- no one would post anything too personal or private I'm sure xx

  7. Robyn Vernon says:

    hahaha omg I love this! This is incredibly accurate and I am definitely going to be sending this to any potential boyfriend in the future! Robyn //

  8. Lauren Victoria says:

    Haha I bloody loved this and it's too true! I definitely roped my ex boyfriend into being my outfit photographer a far too many times haha xx Lauren |

  9. Reena LifestyleEnthusiast says:

    Absolutely loved this!! The phone battery one has led to my other half buying me a portable charger!

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