September Advertisers

Hey peeps.

Can you believe it’s September?! Like…wait…what?!

I swear a minute ago I was yearning for the start of summer, and now I’m sat in bed, wrapped in my thick quilt, WITH THE HEATING ON. Yep, you heard. Radiators on full blast ‘n all that.

I’ve been a little quiet lately, so I’m going to use this post as a lil’ update for you all.

I’ve started working full time now! No more being a university cling on (boy oh boy do I miss the student lifestyle though…) but I’m actually super proud of myself for graduating and going straight into a job. A PROPER ADULT, REAL LIFE JOB. OHMIGAAAHD.

Okay, so it’s exhausting. I have a 2 and a half hour commute to and from work every day (yay for smelly buses) and I end up getting back in at like, 8 o clock in the evening. So I gulf my tea down and then basically hit the pillows…ready for my 6 o clock wake up, and basically rinse and repeat. So that’s why I’ve been a bit quieter on the blogging front. But I’m trying to get as much done over the weekends as possible! So hang in there. Ya gal’s not gone for good.

So with this new job, my driving lessons, blogging AND still trying to cling onto any remainders of my social life, I decided to only take on one advertiser this month. 

I’m supper happy with the one special lady that I’m advertising though, and I can’t wait to introduce you to her!


Kathy Cakebread from Glitz and Glamour Makeup!

Click here to check out her fabulous blog!

Here’s a snippet about Kathy, taken from her ‘about me’ page on her blog. Give it a read because she’s super lovely!

Hello, and welcome to Glitz and Glamour Makeup!

My names Kathy Cakebread, I’m 29 and a media graduate currently living in Kent.

I’m a real beauty addict and you’ll be sure to find lots of the latest makeup reviews, beauty features, tutorials, latest buys and more. I love to shop and have so many clothes I don’t know what to do with them! 

I love going out with friends, trying new things, theme parks, traveling, pick ‘n’ mix, The Big Bang Theory and trying to make my mark on the world.

My blog is my way of expressing myself and helping people decide on the right makeup for them. 

If you ever have any questions or anything you want to discuss, even if it’s just a beauty concern please get in touch!

Lots of love,

x Kathy x”

With just a short scroll through her blog and social media accounts you’ll 100% want to follow her in a heart beat. So go and check her out, and pop by and say hello! She won’t bite!

I hope you all have a lovely September. Although I dunno about you, but September still has that gloomy feeling lurking around that you used to get when the 6 week holidays were over and you were due to go back to school in your brand new Clarkes shoes. Gah, that feeling will haunt me forever.

Much love,



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