Road Trippin’ [spons]

Ahhh. Road trippin’.

What  a dream.

Sat in a cosy camper van, fairy lights around the car walls, the roof top window open…hair flying in the wind.


I’ve actually never been on a proper full on road trip. I mean, unless you count my countless trips to maccies for a hangover box of sexy chicken nuggets. But other than that…nope. A big fat zero road trips.

But that is something I would love to change! I’ve been looking at going on a few road trips…so I’ve been researching what to take, what to drive, and most importantly…where to go!

I’ve partnered up with Point S, a car tyre dealership network in the UK, to bring you all of my thoughts, plans, and ideas about road trips.

So here we go!


What to take on a road trip:


Top UK destinations to drive to:


What to watch out for:

The weather plays a big part in road trips. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever weather the world decides to throw at ya! If you’re anything like me…you’ll probably cry at the slightest hint of snow. This is where point S come in handy. Have you ever driven your car in heavy rainfall? Would you dare? Or are you a bit like me in the fact that when it rains, you sit in your room sulking for a good 5 hours flat. But you can’t blame me really, because rain can be super dangerous when driving. So this is definitely something to watch out for.


Aquaplanning is a huge thing when it comes to road trips. Aquaplanning is when water gets inbetween your car tyres and the road, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. With an average of 156 days of rainfall in the UK, this is something to keep in mind when it comes to those long car journeys. There are few things to keep in mind if your vehicle aquaplanes.

Remember NOT to hit the brake hard as that can lead to collision… instead, gently ease the acceleration and keep the steering wheel straight. Once you feel that you have the control of the car, slowly hit the brakes to reduce speed. You can avoid aquaplaning altogether by making sure that your car tyres are in good condition. If you need to buy new tyres make sure you do that before going on a long road trip. In you are in Liverpool or nearby areas, tyres in Liverpool can be booked and fitted from Point S.

 So my honey’s and lovelies, make sure you stay safe on the road and look out for the nasty rain!

What cars to drive:
I mean…we’re not all rich and snazzy. And I’m no expert on car types. BUT in a dream world these are the kinda cars I wouldn’t mind whizzing about on a road trip

So, have I made you wanna go on a road trip!? Have you ever been on one before? If so, I would love to know your tips and advice! Any location recommendations would be fabulous too.

All my love,

Claire ♡

*This post was a collaboration with Point S, but all opinions are my own.


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  1. ℓaiℓa says:

    This is super cool! I love this post and it was lovely to read. Haven't been on a road trip but have fun!

  2. Unknown says:

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