October Advertisers

Crikey mate, it’s October…and I still haven’t decided on my Halloween costume yet.


But flippin’ ‘ec. Doing these monthly advertising posts makes me realise how fast 2017 is actually going. Like, IS THIS NORMAL?! Is it always the case that when you blink, 12 months have gone by? Or is that just me? (genuine questions guys.)

ANYWAYS, this month I have two fabulous girlies on board for my advertising, and I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for some time. I mean, I just LOVE sharing bloggers with you lot, because I know you’ll fangirl over them just as much as I do.

www.kyasedi.com –  here

First up is this super cool gal Kassidy. When I say cool, I mean COOL AF. Like, legit. Her style, her makeup, her hair…oh just EVERYTHING. Her blog posts are really fun to read and always make me chuckle. She’s totally worth a follow okay? So pop over and say hello!

To learn a lil’ bit more about this gal, have a read of this from her ‘about me’ page.

‘Half Okinawan, half white 21 year old girl making her way through life in the most kawaii, low-carb way she can.

Crafting and planning have become a huge part of my life! Aside from wearing a ridiculous amount of makeup, treating my skin well (when I remember), and re-reading The Horse and His Boy over and over again, you can find me crocheting do-dads, or learning how to knit!’


The second lovely lady I’m advertising this month is Kayleigh. And well, what can I say? I’ve followed Kayleigh since basically the first day I created my blogging twitter account. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing her tweets and her cute lil’ face all over my timeline. She’s such a big part in the blogging community, and her blog posts just prove the talent that she has! So go and check her out! 

Here’s a snippet from her about me page:

‘Hi, my names Kayleigh and I’m a Fine Art Masters Student, part time blogger and full time bartender. I love grunge fashion, homeware and this is my creative space on the internet. I post a mixture of lifestyle, beauty, travel and much more.’

So, make sure you go and follow these two absolute BABES. Because I’m so happy to have them on my timeline and blog radar, so you will be too!

That’s me over and out. I need sleep. (and lots of it.)



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