My one true love – a Dungaree Dress.

So Summer is arriving…and one thing I always struggle with is summer style. Fancy floral patterns, bright colours, and skimpy shorts aren’t really my thing…so when I discovered that pinafore dungaree dresses were back in for Spring/Summer 2016, I had never been happier.

After trying about five different dungarees on (I am so indecisive and picky) I finally chose a black denim dungaree dress from River Island for £38. This dress can be found here.

I practically always wear black so this dress was perfect for me. In summer it can be worn over colourful tops. In the photo’s above, I teamed it up with a stripey tee from Primark (for £3.50) and a pink t-shirt from New look.

To add even more colour to my outfit, I bought these GORGEOUS pink boots from Garage shoes for £19.99. I absolutely l o v e them and will be wearing them CONSTANTLY.

I can’t wait to wear my dungareers over summer, and hopefully lose weight from all this Easter chocolate I’ve been eating! (hope I’m not the only one?…)



7 responses to “My one true love – a Dungaree Dress.”

  1. Lauren Victoria says:

    Those shoes are so cute! I love them xxLauren |

  2. Cara E says:

    This is such a cute look omg I love those boots!!

    • Claire Walker says:

      Thank you so much! Just checked out your blog and absolutely looooove all your posts and cute clothes! Followed you on bloglovin lovely xx

  3. Shannon B. says:

    Im a sucker for anything cute! This is just adorable. Love

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