Lights, Camera, Action


You might have noticed I’ve been kind of quiet this week.

(By quiet, I mean not tweeting my usual 1000 times a day.)


Aghhh, it feels so amazing for those words to come out of my mouth.

It all started because the amazing and fabulous Amy did an internship there. I was super jealous and after we got talking I decided to take the plunge myself and send my CV off. Literally within a few days I was booking accommodation and travel arrangements…and then I ended up having one of the best weeks of my life.

 (Now cheers to THAT my blogger friends.) *holds my 7up can in the air*

I spent the week working on the ‘This Morning’ set, running around like a mad woman up and down Oxford street, helping out on photo and video shoots, celeb spotting (muhaha), dressing and styling the models, sorting through the most GORGEOUS CLOTHES and basically just lusting over everything that I cannot afford. Sigh.

I’d never been to London on my own before. So as well as having a completely new environment to work in, I was also in the big, scary (but stunning) capital city. It was the most nerve wracking, exhausting and overwhelming experience I’ve probably ever done…BUT I LOVED EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND.

This week has taught me that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.

I can’t wait to try and find as many more exciting opportunities as possible.


Now I have the weekend in London to relax and do some typical London touristy things. 

Claire β™‘


21 responses to “Lights, Camera, Action”

  1. Alice goody says:

    This is so cool!!! I'm so jelous!!! I study fashion & would love to do something like this!! Do you still know the email address you first sent your CV to? xxx

  2. Grace Brown says:

    Wow, this looks amazing, I'm so jealous!! It sounds like such a fab experience! Hope you have a great time in London πŸ™‚ Grace X

  3. Libro Di Bellezza says:

    Great post!! :))xoxo

  4. Elena from Loovelle says:

    oh my god, what an amazing internship. it seems like you have a great time.β₯

  5. Louise Francesca says:

    This looks so exciting and such amazing experience!! Well done on getting the internship, I'm so jealous haha XXThe Fashion Road.comInstagram @louisefrancescaa

  6. Kate Rose xo says:

    wow what a fantastic opportunity this was. It sounds like you had an amazing time! xKate//

  7. Jade Priestley says:

    Wow, sounds like you had an amazing week! Congrats on landing such an incredible internship! xJade //

  8. Hannah Hawes says:

    Good for you for taking the plunge! Fear is something that often takes over, but the joy when we push through and finally do something is amazing. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing week! Slightly jealous may I add, it does sound like a great opportunity/job.Love Hannah

  9. Naomi says:

    This is such an amazing opportunity! Wow, well done! How was your weekend to yourself?

  10. Megan Marie says:

    This is such a cool thing to do! I'm so jealous.Megan /

  11. Unknown says:

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