Before I delve deep into my tale of life after uni, make sure you’re sitting comfy with a good ol’ cuppa in your hand because I’m about to word speal all over your face. And on that note, WELCOME TO MY LATEST POST MY LOVELIES.

So I was thinking….you know on your graduation day and you’re looking all mighty fine and you and your pals are all giddy because you ACTUALLY managed to get a degree after three years of drinking, eating pizza and getting two hours sleep every night? Well if you’re the same as me you were thinking:

a) please lord don’t let me fall over flat on my face on stage

b) I gotta look all candid for these photos…okay wait a minute LEMME JUST FLICK MY HAIR LIKE THIS WHILST LOOKING AT THE FLOOR


d) all of the above

The answer, in case you haven’t guessed, is D. 

Although it’s mainly “what the hec am I gonna do after uni?” because let’s face it, uni is a right laugh. But after graduation it’s actually time for the pathetic attempt at adulthood and getting a job. (Which I kind of failed miserably at. I struggle at using a washing machine)

So this is what lead me to writing this post. 

If you’re reading this and wondering what you’ll end up doing after university then let me reassure you that it’s totally okay to be unsure (or have no clue at all.)

NEWSFLASH: I actually managed to get the (and I quote) “JOB OF MY DREAMS” as an Executive Social Media Manager right after graduating. But DOUBLE NEWSFLASH, I hated it. I hated every single second of it. I despised sitting behind a desk all day. It made me sad that it was draining my energy to work on my own blog and social media in my free time.  I literally woke up, had to get three buses to work, stared at a computer screen all day, went home, ate, and slept. It made me miserable and even at weekends I was turning down drinks with my gals because I WAS JUST SAD AND GRUMPY. Who knew that the job of my dreams would be a total nightmare? It left me pretty scared because like ERM HELLO??? WHAT DO I DO NOW?

I ended up quitting what I thought would be my life time career #GOALZZZZZ and just screwing everything and going to Australia. Are you even a confused 21 year old without going to Oz to “find yourself”?

So after 6 months in Australia I soon realised that although it was a cool experience, the super laid back lifestyle wasn’t really for me. Yeah the beaches are nice and yeah the weather is gorgeous but it just wasn’t working for me! Sorry hun.

So then I was back to square one. WHAT NEXT?

Well, let me tell you!

I don’t really know how it happened but it felt like I clicked my fingers and I was teaching in Hong Kong. Like WHAT?! A girl with a Photography degree, a short lived career in digital marketing and no teaching experience whatsoever, was teaching English in a complete different country?!

AND LISTEN UP GUYS…the weirdest part is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I’ve never been happier in a job. I actually wake up looking forward to going to work. Working abroad is such an incredible experience and I literally want to shout to the roof tops to everyone in the same situation that I was and say “COME AND JOIN ME!!!”…like what’s stopping you? I had no money, no experience, but I was determined and felt adventurous so I just went for it!

Okay okaaaay, so I’m making myself sound way cooler than what I am. I actually need to give HAYUGE credit to Experior Asia. (The agency who helped me get to where I am.) Before you click off this post because I’m giving off “ad vibes” – DON’T. This is not an ad (lolz) I genuinely just want to share how much of a positive experience I’ve had, and it truly is down to Experior! With just a few WhatsApp messages with them, a phone call and lots of stalking of their Facebook Page – they’d sorted me a (well paid) job in a learning centre, a cute flat to stay in and an airport pick up on arrival! Like, literally within  weeks. Moving to Hong Kong sounds ultra scary (terrifying in fact!) but Experior made it the most relaxing and “no big deal” experience they possibly could! 

Literally, on my first night in Hong Kong I ended up sitting in some weird ass pub drinking endless amounts of cider and genuinely thinking “WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON” but I was honestly sat there with a huge grin on my face. It was a total “pinch me” moment. I just felt happy. You know that bubbly warm feeling? Yeah, that.

Experior Asia recruit teachers and place them in jobs all over Hong Kong. They cater for your preferences and genuinely care about you as an individual. I can hit them up any time on WhatsApp and be like “hey, where’s a good restaurant to go to tonight?” and they’ll probably send a three page essay with recommendations. Okay, you get the idea. (THEY ARE JUST FAB.)

What’s even better is that they pretty much have your social life sorted too. They organise events, hikes, beach trips, meals, night outs, junk boats, parties, coffee trips…you name it and they’re on it! It’s a great way to meet other expats and teachers and just in general make some really lovely friends! It just feels like one big family.

Long gone are the days of having to professionally email an agency and signing off with “kind regards”. Nuh Uh. 

Experior Asia are professional and reliable, but super fun too!

Here is a couple of photos of us having a jolly good time! 

If you’re interested in teaching abroad or even just want to hear more information then you can register via their website or you could even drop me a message and I’ll get more information or you! Gals got ya back. 

I could write about this forever, and I’ll definitely keep you updated, but so far I’m just having a blast! I’ve been here for around five months now and time is flyyyyingggg. 

If you’re worried about life after university then take a deep breath and just expect the unexpected! Who knows where you’ll be in a few months from now? Life can change so quickly but that’s the most exciting part.



13 responses to “LIFE AFTER UNIVERSITY”

  1. Vanessa Walker says:

    omg okay i LOVE this!!! you're living your best life & I'm so proud of you for going out there and experiencing all these new exciting (& scary) experiences xoxo did i say experience enough lol soz

  2. Kaitlyn Isabel says:

    Wow what a journey! It can be so confusing when you graduate to know which direction you want to go. It's fantastic that you've been able to figure out what fuels your fire!I hope you're loving Hong Kong!

  3. Rebecca Burke says:

    That sounds so interesting! Well done on taking the leap of faith, you’re amazing!

  4. Mischievous Words says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. CharleneMcElhinney says:

    This is absolutely amazing! So happy for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something extraordinary, memories that will last you a life time, thank you so much for sharing! Super inspirational!Charlene McElhinney |

  6. Emma says:


  7. Molly Harris says:

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