How to survive a LONG HAUL flight

Are you heading on a long haul flight soon and need a few tips to get you through it? Well, sit tight sugar because I got all the tips you need. My butt has sat on enough long haul flights to realise what mistakes I made, and what made me into such a pro at sleeping throughout the whole duration. (Newsflash, this actually happened.)

I remember the days when a 2 hour flight from UK to Ibiza was something I genuinely fretted over. Like, what would I do sitting on a plane for hours with nothing to do!?


Lord help me.

Then I discovered the horror of all nightmares which was of course, long haul flights.

It’s quite a bizarre thought…you know, sitting on a giant jet soaring through the air for hours on end. Like, what.

I actually don’t mind flying though, especially with all the excitement of arriving at your end destination.

Here are a few tips on how to survive a long haul flight…

  • Don’t overpack your hand luggage. Keep it super simple! It’s so annoying having a bag overflowing of unnecessary items. Like…why the hell did you pack FIVE books AND a random old magazine that you sure as hell aren’t going to read. Leave it out hun.
  • Don’t take blankets with you. Every long haul flight I have been on provide you with a blanket. There’s not point lugging a blanket around with you at the airport when you’re going to get a free one anyway!
  • Sleep as soon as you feel tired. Okay so sleep is a controversial topic when it comes to long haul flights. A lot of people say to stay awake as much as possible so you don’t feel the jet lag as much. Or at least set your clock to your destinations time so you can adjust to that sleeping pattern whilst flying. In my opinion, sleeping as soon as you’re tired is a better option! It leaves you feeling refreshed and gives you an energy boost for if you have a change over or a long journey from the airport too. Once I slept for 14 hours straight and missed all the flight meals, LMAO true story.
  • Binge watch the movies! The best part of flying is watching all the movies they have. Especially when they have some absolute classics. Grease? Mean Girls? Mamma Mia? Don’t mind if I do…
  • Make the most of the meals and drinks! Airplane food gives me the creeps. It really does. A lot of the time it’s not really up my street HOWEVER it does come with some perks. For example, a lot of the meals comes with bread, butter, fruit etc! These are all things you can snack on. They also comes with drinks such as orange juice, water, fizzy drinks and hot tea. Even if I don’t like the actual meal I always make use of the extras. Also..FREE ALCOHOL. HOLD ME BACK BECAUSE….WINE. Just, wine.
  • Take your phone charger on the plane with you. Making sure your phone is fully charged is an essential and there’s always a USB slot for you to use.
  • Reserve a good seat. Whatever your preference, reserve your seat early on! If I’m flying alone I always like to sit at the back of the plane in a window seat. If you need to pee all the time, then opt for an aisle seat to sae yourself the hassle of waking people up to go to the toilet. (pro tip right there)
  • Wear comfortable clothes! I see so many people dressed to the nines for a long haul flight and I’m like, YASSSS you look FIREEEE, but also…I’m so glad I wore my comfy joggers and a cosy hoodie. Who’s the real winner here?
  • Choose the best flight time to suit your needs. I sleep anywhere and everywhere. So for me, the best flight time is an overnight flight because I just sleep and don’t feel the difference. If you struggle to sleep on planes then a day time flight might be better for you.

Those are my top tips for long haul flights!

Do you like flying? What are you go to tips for serving a long haul flight?

Let me know in the comments below!

Claire ♡


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