Grab Your Camera Strap. [gifted]

Considering my blog URL name…I actually don’t write about cameras much. (and I love anything Photography related!) I studied Photography at college, went on to study it at University and love taking cute snapshots anywhere I go. So you can guess how excited, happy and honored I was when Emma from Abitoffthemapp sent me this GORGEOUS camera strap.

When I found the parcel, and discovered this adorable yellow box with a message from my camera saying thankyou (YES IT’S FROM MY CAMERA OKAY) my excitement levels hit the roof. I don’t think I’ve ever opened a parcel so fast in my life.

After running to show my boyfriend my exciting gift, and squealing over the green camera strap that was inside the box, I then took the time to open the golden envelope that was in front of me. I mean, a GOLDEN ENVELOPE?! I felt like a VIP. It’s like visiting Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory but 1000x better. Inside the envelope was a lovely thankyou note from Abitoffthemap that explains how much customers help an individual, small business like this. As well as being extremely happy with the product, it made me feel happy that whoever buys these items are genuinely helping out people who put infinite amounts of effort, care and time into giving people quality products that they deserve.

As well as this camera strap being practical and sturdy, it’s also stylish and actually makes carrying a camera around a lot more fun. A splash of colour makes anything more fun, don’t you agree?

The camera straps are hand made with real leather and brass hardware for the buckles. The straps are adjustable, light, and really comfy on your neck. I think the best feature on these camera straps (aside from the pretty colours) is the fact that it has a little pouch for your camera lens cap. THIS IS SUCH A FANTASTIC IDEA. This will stop me from putting the cap in my back pocket and then spending 30 minutes looking for it afterwards, forgetting where I put it. Doh. Typical me.

The camera straps come in a range of colours and also have camera bags to match. I feel like I’m going to be the trendiest photographer of 2016. WATCH THIS SPACE.

I recommend this brand insane amounts. So much attention has been put into their products. It’s worth the price (£20 for a camera strap) and delivery is extremely quick too. I can’t emphasize how much I love this product, I really can’t. 10/10. You’ll believe me when you get your hands on one yourself! (Go on, join the funky camera straps club with me.)

Lots of love,

Claire ♡


11 responses to “Grab Your Camera Strap. [gifted]”

  1. Nicole Marie says:

    This is so beautiful! Plus that idea about the lens cap is amazing!!! I always feel like I'm going to loose mine!! Xx Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. Claire Walker says:

    haha that sounds all too familiar! xx

  3. Claire Walker says:

    Oh no! Haha, definitely sounds like the right product for you! xx

  4. CharleneMcElhinney says:

    Woo! Great post! I just purchased a new camera and I was debating wether to get a camera strap or not and this post has just convinced me to get one! Thanks girl! Have fun with your camera & new camera strap! Lots of loveCharlene

  5. Hannah Bruner says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love the color and the lens cap holder! Great review… Enjoy your new strap! :)

  6. The Mysterious Emirati says:

    This is such an amazing post XD keep it up with such lovely posts. Can't wait to read more XD and I hope that you could check out my blog too ^_^

  7. Mutterfly says:

    Nice Post., Rent camera in Mumbai

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