Covershoot Cosmetics [gifted]


Do you remember me?

Ha, that’s not even a question worth asking.

Of course you do. (*winks at self in the mirror*)

I’ve been to Spain for two weeks which was AMAZING…sun, cocktails and wonderful adventures – ahhh. It was bliss. However, I MISSED YOU ALL and I often had those niggling thoughts at the back of my head thinking ow mah gaaahd, what if everyone’s unfollowed me? What if my blog has vanished from the internet? What if, what if, what if?


But I’m BACK, along with a very exciting post for you all!

Covershoot Cosmetics very generously sent me a fabulous beauty box to try out all of their products; and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got.

(Sidenote: I apologise for the bad quality iphone photo’s. My camera is still packed in a box somewhere from moving house.)

Yes, I’m camera-less right now. Give me sympathy.

1) This eyeshadow palette was my favourite product from the beauty box. The colours are perfect for the upcoming winter season. (I plan to be a sparkly, snowy, winter fairy, okay?…Okay.)

2) Now this eyeshadow palette isn’t really one I would pick up in a shop and I’m not sure if I would dare wear these bold and bright shades. But that doesn’t stop them from being ULTRA COOL. I think some of the shades could be worked into a colour from the other palette and blended quite nicely. Ooo, maybe it’s time to experiment.

3) I’m such a sucker for makeup kits that come with instructions. If you’re a makeup noob like me, even the concept of countouring your face can seem a little, well..daunting? These shades are perfect for my skin tone and I couldn’t be happier with this countour kit.

4) Like the contour kit, this eyebrow kit comes with a variety of shades AND INSTRUCTIONS. Double win. Thanks Covershoot Cosmetics. You’re a life/eyebrow saver.

5) Last but not least…the holy “Twist Pot” – nail polish remover. Am I the only one to be baffled by this concept? You can literally dip your nails into the pot without the effort of scrubbing away at your nail for a good five minutes. Take it from me, this is magic.

I am so pleased with these beauty products and feel honoured that I got the chance to review them. Do you fancy the look of any of these products? Which are your fave? Let me know in the comments below!

Covershoot Cosmetics are a new makeup brand and they have so many more products on the way. Which obviously I’m insanely excited for.

Find out more by heading to their Twitterand Instagram accounts.

Claire ♡


15 responses to “Covershoot Cosmetics [gifted]”

  1. Beth James says:

    Wow how lucky are you! Thank you for the great review .. I'm also very jealous about your holiday �� ✨��Beth//

  2. Naomi says:

    That brow palette looks pretty similar to my HD brows palette in foxy! It would be cool to compare them – I'm loving brows right now!

  3. Geet Singh says:

    These cosmetics looks amazing. Thank you for the great review. Lovely post. 👌🏻Geet xx

  4. The Rosha Beauty says:

    Wow, these products look really great and it's a brand I'm definitely going to look into now! Hope you enjoyed your holiday 😘

  5. abbeylouisarose says:

    Lucky you!! Such goodies! I am so intrigued by the nail polish remover pot, I'd love to try that out! The eyeshadow palette is beautiful too, perfect wintry shades! Hope you had a fantastic holiday in Spain, you deserved it! Looking forward to reading more posts from you now that you're back! Much love xxAbbey 🌈

  6. Darriyan Cateland says:

    Wow! They all look great!! I'd love to try the nail polish remove pot! Thanks for sharingDarriyan♡ |

  7. rachelXblog says:

    These all looks great! The twist pot looks very handy! The eyebrow palette looks great and so does the contour palette! I need to try some of these out! Your making me want to spend! hehe! Great post 🙂 Rachel

  8. Unknown says:

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