CHINA TRAVELS – Chapter 2 – Guilin & Yangshuo

Every time I go to write about China I get a warm feeling inside because honestly, it was just breath taking. (I mean, that could have been due to walking up a mountain and having zero fitness skills, but also due to the fact that it was insanely beautiful.)


If you didn’t read my Chapter 1 China travel diary then make sure ya give it a whirl! We started in Hong Kong, ventured to Macau and then went on to Guilin & Yangshuo.

This blog post will be diving head first into the wonderful world of Guilin & Yangshuo and ya’ better get ready for some jealousy-inducing scenic photo’s.



We hopped on a train from Macau to Guilin first and arrived at the Aroma Tea House Hotel by the river. The Aroma Tea House actually used to be a museum so it still had lots of different statues and quirky decor which was super cool!

On our first night in Guilin we discovered a tiny bar hidden around the corner of our hotel. I really wish I had taken a photo. It had tiny cactus pots scattered everywhere and photo’s of all the people that been in their bar over the years. I ordered a cocktail and a local man gave us some satsumas that he’d picked from a tree that day. It was super cute and I felt like I was a character in a book as it felt that perfect.

Breakfast was included with our stay and we ate famous Guilin noodles (and co co pops may I add!) overlooking the river. It was pretty damn nice. There’s also so much greenery and mountains in Guilin which really took me for surprise.

Guilin felt like a calm little village with a beautiful river flowing down the middle. We weren’t in Guilin for long but we still managed to taste their Guilin delights and wander around the bustling streets.

What shocked me the most about China was how many scooters and motorbikes were speeding around. The roads were INSANE and probably gave me a nervous breakdown every time I had to cross the road. I’m not sure why that shocked me. I didn’t really have many expectations of China other than it being super over crowded, but it never crossed my mind that it would be like that on the roads. In fact, it was probably the opposite of what I thought. Crazy on the roads, peaceful in the surroundings.

During the day we wanted to try some real local Chinese food. After exploring many different food places we finally settled on a small local restaurant. I can’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese (which I really wish I did) so after trying to somehow order dishes and drinks by pointing at pictures and trying our best to mumble words, we actually ended up with a lovely meal.



We then hired a car to take us from Guilin to Yangshuo. You can actually take a boat but we chose to take a car because we didn’t want to get up at the crack of dawn for the boat. (Lolz at being pure lazy.)

Yangshuo was my favourite place we visited in China by a mile.

We stayed in the most adorable, homey hotel. It was so cosy and we could sit on the porch outside drinking homemade berry wine and watching the world go by. The hotel we stayed in was called the Riverview Hotel and if you ever find yourself taking a trip to Yangshuo then I couldn’t recommend this hotel enough! It was truly magical.



By day, the streets of Yangshuo were so welcoming and pretty. They had little boutique shops, cute hotspots to grab a coffee and local markets to grab a bargain. By night, the streets were WILD. The bars sprung to life, dancers were posing in windows, bright lights were shining everywhere. It was crazy and overwhelming all at once. I stopped at a sheesha bar one night which was a relaxed vibe, and one night we even found an Indian restaurant (my fave!) so I was very happy with that. Ya gal loves a good curry.


During the days we spent in Yangshuo we walked up a mountain, went to see a fishing show and saw the most incredible views. IT WAS ALL AMAZING. Like honestly, Yangshuo was a really special place and I think I would like to return one day.

The fishing show we went to see was something I can’t even begin to describe without underwhelming the whole thing because it was an amazing experience. In China, they have a certain type of fishing where they will tie birds on a string and make the birds fish for them. We got to see this whole experience at night. The boat was lit by a tiny light and the birds were so elegant with their swimming and fish-catching skills.

I could be writing for days if I was to tell you about every single detail of my trip but seriously, Yangshuo was incredible and I think you should go and see for yourself if you ever visit China.

Here are more photo’s from our trip!

China, I loved you. I’m sure I will be back one day.


Claire ♡


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