Budget Beauty Bundle: Technic Cosmetics [gifted]

I’ve often noticed Technic Cosmetics dotted around the blogging world (and even in high street shops) but I’ve never actually gotten my hands on them before. So when the brand offered to send me some products I jumped at the chance. (yes, yes, & YESSSS.)

Can you tell I’m excited?

Technic Cosmetics are an affordable makeup brand that are becoming more and more popular by the day. This type of makeup is perfect for me…because y’know, student budget and all that. I’m the type of girl who would rather spend money on a pizza over a lipstick.

I love makeup products that are cheap and cheerful, pretty, and look god damn fabulous on my snapchat story.

So here are some of the products that I was lucky enough to receive:

Mega Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

– £1.50 – Here –

I’ve never EVER seen a nude eye shadow palette as cute at this one for THIS KIND OF PRICE. Like what?! I love nude eyeshadow colours and this one is perfect because it has every end of the spectrum. It has 12 different shades and is super easy to blend. This product has definitely earned it’s home in my makeup bag.

Strobe Kit Highlighters

– £.3.30 – Here

This highlighter kit is my favourite product from the Technic range. The kit has two creams and two powders which is great because you can use different highlighters for different occasions. They give you a really subtle glow so I can’t wait to use this product more during the summer! EEEP. I’ll be that glowing gal, shimmering away by the pool.

Colour Fix Contour Palette 

– £5 – Here

This pressed powder palette is another winner for me. I’m not really a fan of creamy contour kits because they always appear and feel really clogged up on my face. (major ew.) But this powder is really light and suitable for paler girlies like myself. It has such a smooth application and for a fiver you just can NOT go wrong.

Juicy Stick Lipstick

– £1.99 – Here

I love a good lipstick pen. I find them so much easier to apply and I never get them all over my chin. (Lord help me…top blogger right??) I do like this product however it isn’t very bold on my lips and didn’t last as long as I had wished for. BUT…what girl doesn’t carry a lipstick around in her handbag for a cheeky bathroom mirror application?

Problemo = solved.

Brow Tamer Eyebrow Kit 

– £1.50 – Here

I also got sent this cute lil’ eyebrow kit. It comes with a tinted wax, a powder, and two small brushes. My favourite aspect to this product is the size. I have a lot of larger eyebrow kits that just seem so unnecessary. This one will be perfect for travelling or keeping in my purse for a top up every so often throughout the day.

A huge thankyou goes to Technic Cosmetics for these products…I will definitely be purchasing Technic makeup in the future and I would recommend it to you too!

Claire ♡


12 responses to “Budget Beauty Bundle: Technic Cosmetics [gifted]”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Technic is such an amazing, affordable brand. I got sent some products a while back from them which I still use as part of my daily makeup routine, my favourite being the cream contour kit. I love the look of that strobe kit, it reminds me a lot of the sleek solstice palette, however technic is a lot cheaper! Wonderful post xxCharlotte | http://fadingtulips.blogspot.co.uk

    • Claire Walker says:

      Aw that's fab that you still use them! I plan to do the same with these 🙂 Thanks for the comment lovely xx

  2. Jordan Hathaway says:

    The Strobe Kit looks amazing, definitely something I'd like to try. It reminds me a little of the Sleek highlighting kits – something I absolutely love. xJordan Alice

  3. Alice Spake says:

    I've never heard of Technic Cosmetics! The products look really fab though xxAlice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    • Claire Walker says:

      I hadn't either until I saw quite a few bloggers raving about the products – yeah they're super! xx

  4. abbeylouisarose says:

    I'm definitely the type of girl to prioritise pizza over lipstick as well hehe! I'm so glad you got to try out these lovely products, I especially like the look of the juicy stick, I can't believe how inexpensive these are as well! Those highlighters are stunning!!Abbey 🍉 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • Claire Walker says:

      I'm glad we think alike 😉 I know- how amazing! I was surprised too. Thankyou for the comment lovely! xx

  5. Antonia says:

    I've heard so many amazing things about this brand but never tried any of their products. This eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous. I love all the shades. They look very wearable. xxAntonia || Sweet Passions

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