Bossa Grill Event [ad]


Bossa means cool. It means creativity and passion.”

Unlimited free cocktails, mountains of delicious meat, the fanciest interior decor I have ever seen…This was definitely an event NOT to be missed which is why I made sure my super keen and eager god damn ass was placed firmly on a seat in the corner of the room, among the beautiful lights and lively Latin spirit.

I’ve never been to anywhere like Bossa Grill before, so when they teamed up with Restaurants of Leeds to host an event, I immediately agreed to hopping on the train and having a lil’ nosey about what they were all about.

After receiving a glass of champagne on entry, saying hi to some familiar faces of bloggers I had seen from twitter, and listening to a lovely speech made by some of the members of staff…it was time to begin the hours of enjoyment that I had ahead of me.

Now as my boyfriend quoted…They were literally “throwing meat at us for fun.”…


I’ve never eaten so much delicious meat in my life. Pork, steak, beef, lamb, chicken…my plate was FILLED. They even gave us extra sides like corn on the cob, coleslaw and garlic bread dough balls…ALL FOR F R E E. I was genuinely so honoured.

After sipping on my 5th free cocktail, I did start to feel slightly cheeky…but when the staff encouraged me to have more, my boyfriend and myself decided to make it…y’know, like…ten drinks maybe? The staff EVEN invited us to stay out with them afterwards to go on a bar crawl. Ha, that’s how I roll.

So Yes, I was the drunkest blogger there, but what ya gonna do about it HUH? (The manager reminded me that in Bossa Grill, EVERY DAY IS THE WEEKEND.) Plus, the cocktails are so so worth it. I’m 100% visiting again to enjoy the lovely atmosphere whilst getting tipsy and feeling so full up that I ALMOST mistake it for the night of Christmas day when I’ve eaten too much roast turkey. Oh food. Oh you.

Thankyou so much to Bossa Grill for having me, I had an absolute blast and I cannot WAIT to return!

I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

What do you guys think? Reckon you’ll give this place a visit?

Claire ♡


8 responses to “Bossa Grill Event [ad]”

  1. abbeylouisarose says:

    Wow, now this is an event totally up my street!! I saw what a great time you were having on your snapchat and I was super jealous! Free cocktails are definitely the way to my heart! I love the ethos that every day is the weekend at this place, and that the staff seem so relaxed, friendly, and welcoming! I will definitely hit up this Grill if I ever visit Leeds!Abbey 😻

    • Claire Walker says:

      Aw you would have loved it so much! Definitely visit if you ever find yourself in Leeds- I can't wait to go again! xx

  2. Kirsty Hoggons says:

    This looks like such a lovely event and I am glad that you had a great time! Definitely seems like fun x

  3. Helerina says:

    It was an amazing night wasn't it ❤️ I can't wait to go back and eat there x

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