Are bloggers getting LAZY?

Holy crap.

I’m doing what I always said I’d never do and uploading a post with a pretty much I’m-generalising-all-of-us type heading.

Before we get stuck in, let’s just make it clear. I’m NOT (!!) There are still plenty of bloggers out there whacking out great content day in day out. Whether that’s blog posts, articles, photographs, emails…you know the lot. These people are the gals I constantly find myself lurking on, refreshing their pages for any more juicy gossip and basically just idolising them whenever I get the chance.

HOWEVER, I always see so many tweets or groans saying “blogging is dying…no one wants to read blog posts anymore.” 

Maybe you’re spot on. Maybe they don’t want to read blog posts anymore.

A quick glance over an Instagram caption is much easier and convenient than sitting down with a cuppa and getting lost in a beautifully written blog post. I completely understand. I get it. I know all too well that it’s hard to make time to go on a good old fashioned blog reading spree. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time I did that. So I feel totally victimised by my own blog post. 

Soz Regina George.


Maybe we actually, god forbid, PREFER to whack up an Instagram post and see the likes (or lack of them) rolling in. It takes up a couple of minutes from your day and you can still class yourself as an #influensaaaah. More brands are requesting this anyway and, y’know, do we really have time to stick to a schedule and keep banging out blogging content that we’re proud of? 

All these micro bloggers are popping up from the word work, but have never even had a blog…and this is TOTALLY OKAY. 

In fact it’s great. I love seeing great content on Instagram. I love laughing at people’s Instagram stories. I love spending time on twitter and engaging with everyone in the community. I love snapping my besties.

But I also miss the feeling of people retweeting your blog post. Comments dropping here and there all over your posts. “Checking out” other people’s little internet diaries. I MISS IT. I MISS IT ALL.

I’m not saying it doesn’t exist anymore because it flipping well does. Just, not as much. It just doesn’t feel the same.

I feel so sad and just, “humph” when I see my favourite blogger (who used to get 100+ comments on every single post within an hour at least) now getting…well, zero… or just one generic one saying “love it!”

I think that we should take it upon ourselves to bring back the reason why we all came here. We love writing. We love creating. We love reading. We love sharing. We love engaging.


Maybe I’m wrong and I bet so many people will disagree with this post. Like I said, this isn’t everyone, but I know it’s me. For sure. 

I love how this “industry” or “hobby” has developed SO much and I think it’s incredible how much it’s grown and changed. So please don’t think I’m being all negative…it definitely has it’s pro’s and con’s!

Mirco blogging is on the rise, which is definitely something to embrace. I just don’t think our blogs, that we put our heart and soles into, should take a back seat. (Unless you want that of course.)

So, maybe blogging isn’t dead after all. Maybe we’re all just lazy.

WHAT DO YOU THINK!? Let me know you’re opinion!

I’m taking it upon myself to make sure I find time to comment on people’s content daily. I’m so excited to do this! Even if you aren’t lazy with this, I definitely am.



6 responses to “Are bloggers getting LAZY?”

  1. A L R E says:

    This was really thought provoking, Claire! I definitely agree with what you're saying, especially about micro platforms such as Instagram. I never really used to bother much with Insta when I first started blogging mainly because my photography game wasn't all that great but now that I put serious effort into creating a theme, using hashtags and writing what I hope are interesting captions, I find it super rewarding! I also love engaging in content from other people through Insta, whether it's just hearing about their day or them chatting about things that are important to them in their story or photo caption! I think I do need to start being less lazy when it comes to reading and commenting on blogs though, bevause I'm probably missing a lot of great blog content by focusing largely on social media! Fab post as ever!Abbey 💙💙

    • Claire Walker says:

      yesss, 100%! omg TELL ME ABOUT IT, I feel like Insta is taking over the world right now haha! Thanks for your comment lovely xx

  2. Denise M says:

    I have seen a lot of people saying blogging is dying but that is only because we are allowing it to by concentrating on IG. Insta certainly does have its uses but I’m getting a bit bored of it just now, I go days without being on it as I’d rather post a nice image than just post random ones for the sake of it. But reading blog posts are just like reading magazines and I feel that is far more entertaining than gazing at an IG pic.Oh btw I came across your post because of a retweet by Abbey :DDenise xx

    • Claire Walker says:

      Awww Abbey is the sweetest! So glad you stumbled upon my blog! I LOVE what you said about how people are allowing blogging to die down! Totally agree with you there xx

  3. Unknown says:

    I've definitely been guilty of being the lazy Instagram scroller rather than the avid blog post reader I used to be. I made a conscious decision a little while back to make her I'm reading blog posts more because a) I know that I love it and b) a comment could make someone's day and that is the best feeling in the world 😊

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