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I haven’t done a beauty post in a while, so when All That Jazz approached me about trying out their nail lacquers, I jumped at the chance!

So All That Jazz are a UK brand that hold a range of beautiful nail varnishes, that are also favoured by celebrities! (I mean?!?! OBVIOUSLY I want to wear this varnish every day now.) Even Rihanna herself has said fond words about these products, and they used to only be available to buy at professional nail technicians and salons.

Now, because we’re all super lucky, we can buy them on their website!

So after scrolling through the website deciding which colours I wanted to test, these are the ones that caught my eye the most!

I think the colours and the names are just adorable!

Breakfast in Bed?

Yes per-lease.

So, if you like the look of these or want to look at more of their large, stunning collection of colours then click here!

You won’t be able to stop scrolling! I’m telling you now!

All That Jazz were also kind enough to send me a clear nail varnish too. I love putting a coat of clear varnish over a coloured one to give it that extra strength. So, a big thanks for sending that my way too!

Have you ever tried All That Jazz nail lacquers? Would you like to?!

I really do recommend them, they last on your nails for DAYSSSSS.
(Even if you’re a blogger like me and type on your laptop or phone 24/7. And that’s impressive if a nail varnish can cope with that.)

Good on ya All That Jazz.

Claire ♡

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