9 reasons why January is the BEST

Oh hey Jan. You sexy mofo.

I flippin’ love this month. And I struggle to understand why some people don’t. 

I mean, okay OKAAAY, we’re cold, broke, fat, and sleepy. And probably hungover. BUT IT’S JANUARY. *insert gif of random baby dancing.*

If you’re planning on hiding under your duvet, pretending you’re still recovering from one two many mince pies and beers…then THINK AGAIN SISTA. There’s so much more to January than banning alcohol, forcing yourself to diet and crying into your towel at the gym.

I’ve got ya back, as per.

Here’s 9 reasons why January is the BEST month ever, and you better believe it.


There’s no better feeling that running around the shopping centre, with a basket full of 10 t-shirts, 3 skirts, a necklace, a weird inflatable drinks holder you don’t need, a notebook, a sparkly dress and a pair of stiletto heels you’ll never wear ALL FOR LIKE £20. 

Yes perlease.

2. A fresh start.

Yep, NEW YEAR NEW ME BITCHES XOXO. Okay, but seriously. Setting yourself some new year goals can be super refreshing, and a great way to get yourself on track.

3. It’s the best month to binge watch all the classic movies and TV series you missed at Christmas time.

Omg, Sherlock, Outnumbered, Downton Abbey. I NEED TO BINGE WATCH AND I NEED IT NOW.

4. You can practically live in a onesie or comfy PJ’s.

Primark served me well at Christmas. AM I RIGHT??


There’s something so satisfying about opening a new diary and seeing 01/01/2018.

6. No more forced, awkward work parties to attend to.

Just cheap, *drinking bottles of wine on my own at home* kinda nights. Yay.

7. You might actually be able to find a gym buddy!

YESSSSS, you don’t have to pretend you know what you’re doing on your own at the gym anymore. You can just pretend you know what you’re doing…with someone else too!

8. It’s the perfect time to cut out toxic people of your life.

Bad friendships, an unhealthy relationship, an annoying ex partner. CUT THEM OUT. It’ll make your life so much better. Trust me.

9. It’s award season! 

Film awards, music awards…AWARDS AWARDS AWARDS. January has got it all.

So, there’s my 9 reasons.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any other reasons why January is the absolute BEST MONTH of the year!



9 responses to “9 reasons why January is the BEST”

  1. Nicole Lauren Blake says:

    Super positive way to look at January! When it's freezing cold and grim outside it's hard to see all these positives. One thing that's helped me this year is being in the Southern Hemisphere haha!

  2. Miel and Mint says:

    Love this list of thoughts why January rocks 😀 I definitely can relate massively to a number of these, especially the new diary/planner + living in onesie/PJs. I do wish I could be in my PJs all day! hahaDefinitely need to start catching up on a few TV series! xox Nadiawww.mielandmint.com

  3. Yiotou_La says:

    January sales are the best, I think I over-did it but I am so happy, I scored so many great deals!!YiotaPinkDaisyLoves

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  6. A L R E says:

    I love your positivity, girl! I am also kinda happy that Christmas party season is over- I'm much more of a night in kind of person! 😂 I agree on having a fresh start this time of year too, I've recently managed to cut out a few toxic people who were causing me nothing but pain and antagonism and I feel so much better for it!Abbey xxxhttps://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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