5 essentials for a pamper evening.

Hello lovelies.

I’m currently sat here (very cosily in my lion king pyjamas) feeling very relaxed and content. I have wet nails from painting them literally 5 seconds ago and I’m trying to multitask by picking the rest of the sticky face mask out of my hair and typing at the same time. Welcome to the (quite tragic) life of me.

If you haven’t already guessed it by the title of this post and my rambles of this GOD DAMN BASICALLY GLUE that is stuck in my hair then this post is about 5 ESSENTIALS FOR A PAMPER EVENING.

Now I may have not sold it well as of yet, but having a little “me time” (whilst listening to the relaxing playlist on spotify consisting of slow and soppy songs that we’re all guilty of having) well, it’s actually really nice! Everyone deserves to spend a night of doing nothing other than focusing on yourself.

So whilst I’m all chilled out and feeling very pampered, I decided to create a list for you.

5 Essentials for a pamper evening.

1) Have a super hot shower or scented bubble bath. (The more bubbles the better.) 

2) Gather all of the beauty products possible (go on, raid that cupboard of christmas gifts from last year that you still haven’t touched!) Nail varnish, face masks, nail file, fake nails, body cream, moisturizer, you name it!

3) Candles! Make the room feel all cosy and cute. Scented candles are an even bigger bonus. My favourite has to be vanilla candles, they’re gorgeous. I also like to turn my fairy lights on to make my room even more adorable!

4) Find an activity. Whilst you’re waiting for your hair to dry or face mask to settle, do something you love. Doodle, read a book, flick through a magazine, write a blog post, listen to your favourite song, binge watch your favourite TV show. 

5) SNACKS. (Or wine…) Use this night to eat something unhealthy without feeling guilty. OR eat something fruity and lovely and make sure you enjoy it.

If you follow all of those steps, I guarantee you’ll be feeling like a fresh, new, wide eyed baby entering the world. Or something along those lines anyway. In other words, you’ll feel brilliant.

What do you consider an essential for a pamper evening? Have I missed anything out? Let me know!



8 responses to “5 essentials for a pamper evening.”

  1. KateEmma says:

    I love a pamper day! I dont just settle for a evening haha. I tend to try and take a sunday and just pamper myself from head to toe and indulge in all my fave foods and drinks. kate xxthemakeupartistshchoice.com

  2. NK says:

    Lovely post Claire. Self care days are so important. I'm definitely going to have to try some of your suggestions! I recently just wrote a post about rest and relaxation too. I really enjoyed reading this. x http://www.nerokrishna.com

  3. Halima Khan says:

    Great post, lovely. I dedicate an entire day to pampering although this does include threading my tash, haha. LimaFashionicidexo

  4. Wanderlust Girl says:

    I LOVE the way you wrote this- very intimate, as if you were directly speaking to a friend 🙂 I personally love bubble baths (especially with Lush bath bombs), and lighting candles always sets the mood for the better. xMuch love, Kyiahttp://wanderlustgirl-kb.blogspot.ca

  5. Louise Francesca says:

    Great post, I always burn candles when I'm trying to relax! The Yankee Candels are my fave. Just followed you on Instagram, mine is @louisefrancescaa if you want to follow back! XXThe Fashion Road

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