5 Creative ways to save money for TRAVEL


After graduating University and wondering what to do with my life, travelling was an option that I was easily swayed to take a chance on. I mean…sun, cocktails, pretty beaches…how could I say no?

Brisbane, Australia was my first destination, which lasted for 6 months. I then moved to Hong Kong and travelled around China too. I’ve been in Hong Kong for nearly a year now (working abroad) and I have so many more travel plans too. COME AT ME SOUTH EAST ASIA.

Anyway, ya gal ain’t much of a saver and the word budget makes me want to vom. HOWEVER, I still managed to save some pennies before my travel trips  and here are some ideas for you too!


1- A good old fashioned piggy bank!

Buy the cutest piggy bank (the ones that you can’t get into without breaking) and because it’s too cute you won’t want to smash it for ages! I got a piggy bank before Australia and every time I got a 5 pound note or any spare change I would just whack it all into the pot! I lost count of how much was in there so smashing the piggy bank was so exciting to see actually how much I’d saved. This was a great way to help towards basic things I needed for my trip and to go towards food etc when I was out there. The money didn’t last long (soz big spender) but at least it was there!



In Australia I started online tutoring, where I taught English to Chinese students. This was so fun and it was a great way to earn money whilst travelling! You could even do this before a trip to start your real savings. To be an English Tutor online, all you need is a degree in any subject, be a Native English speaker, have strong wifi and be super smiley! I tutored online through the website Acadsoc. You can choose your own schedule and you get paid monthly so it was a great way to build up teaching experience and get some extra cash.

I also used the website Airtasker which is a website where you can do small jobs for people (or advertise people to do jobs for you!) Even hilarious things such as go and collect a cheese burger from Maccies for somebody. (Absolute lolz.) I used Airtasker to do freelance writing work such as drafting emails for people, creating CV’s, proof reading articles and helping with social media platforms. It was a great way to dip my toes into the Freelancing world and earn extra money in a fun and creative way.


3- Make gifts and cards instead of buying them.

I’ve often opted for making cute cards instead of buying them ever since I was younger. I still do it now for events like birthdays, valentines day and easter. You can print funny quotes or cute photo’s, and write sweet messages inside. In my opinion, that’s better than a shop bought card anyway! You could even make gifts such as photo collages, paintings, scrapbooks and memory boxes. These are all gifts that people love to receive and always puts a smile on their face. (Cute, right?) This won’t save you LOADS of money but getting into the habit of doing this means you can save tiny bits of money on the reg, which does add up.


4- Make it your mission to try out as many free activities and events as possible!

Here are some ideas

There are so many more free activities and events so get on google and search for any free things to do in your area! You’d probably be surprised.


5- Make use of the Facebook market place or other selling platforms you know.

Before I went travelling, Facebook Market Place was an absolute god send! I had so many clothes to get rid of that I didn’t want to take travelling and Facebook was the easiest way to sell them! There are a lot of people on Facebook who are SO THERE for a good bargain, and they even come and collect it from you too most of the time. Easy money! I sold random bits & bobs from my room, so many clothes, bags, shoes…I was amazed! This is a really creative way to save money and also declutter your wardrobe at the same time. Win win.


Let me know if you’ve been travelling and have any extra tips on how to save some pennies!


Claire ♡


8 responses to “5 Creative ways to save money for TRAVEL”

  1. Lena Dee says:

    Omg! First off your blog is beautiful! 😀 😮 I’m in love! And I really like your writing style, and can we talk about all these beautiful pics 😀 I think these are great ways to save a buck or two and YES YES to utilizing free things offered abroad. Great post hun! <3

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

  2. clairewalker333 says:

    Aww thankyou so much lovely <3 This comment made me smile so much! xx

  3. I actually have a very similar post going up soon on my blog all about the ways I’m saving for our trip around the world next month! This post is so good lovely and it’s so nice to see you’ve used such inventive ways to save money for your travels! I still love the idea of using a piggy bank as even though you probably won’t get too much out of it, every little helps! I hope you enjoy the rest of your travel plans! xx

  4. Em says:

    Some great ideas here – I always love hearing the little ways people make a little extra pocket money. And I really want to start more of a pot just for travelling – currently I use Monzo which will invest any change from bus tickets, coffee etc. into savings, but will definitely be trying these out as well! xx

    Em // http://www.emilybecca.com

  5. These are some great tips, I’ve always wanted a good old fashioned piggy bank – there’s something about them that will always be so appealing! That’s so smart to start and online thing! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk

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