Hong Kong never fails to blow me away.


Every single day I am exploring new places, trying new foods and meeting some amazing people. However, one thing is for sure…Hong Kong can easily eat away at your money. (Lolz at me spending way too many pennies on Western food and booze)…BUT, don’t worry huns. There is still so much to do in this incredible city that is COMPLETELY FREE.


Since I’ve been in the #852 for over a year now, I’ve taken it upon myself to grace you all with a new series of blog posts…30 FREE THINGS TO DO IN HONG KONG *confetti falls*

The first post will be about one of my favourite activities…BEACH DAYS.

#1 Discover a beach

Amongst all the hustle and bustle, there’s always a calmer spot to hide away and escape the main city lifestyle.

Every time I discover a new beach, I always have to pinch myself because it can be so hard to believe that the most beautiful beaches are right on your door step.

Today I took a trip to Shek O Beach.

Shek O Beach is on Hong Kong Island and it’s super close to where I live, so it was an obvious choice for me on a sunny day. I live in Shau Kei Wan, so I just hop on the number 9 bus to Shek O (from the Shau Kei Wan bus station) and off I go! The bus has a sign at the front to tell you where each stop is, and Shek O stop is clearly marked. When you get off, you can literally see the beach. IT’S A DREAM.


Today was super busy at the beach, but we still found a quiet spot next to the rocks so we could listen to music, chill, and enjoy the scenery.


Sheko is also home to a small, cute village, so it’s lovely to wander around the adorable houses and cafes when you’ve had enough of the sea and sand!


Obviously the transport to the beach costs money (only $7 hkd on the bus) but apart from that, you have yourself a free day!

There are so many other insaaane beaches scattered around Hong Kong so grab ya swimming cozzie (and your camera) and get exploring!


Claire ♡


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