10 ways to survive a festival [ad]

Oh hiiii.

How are you all?!

I’ve just got back from an insaaaaneeee weekend at Creamfields festival. It was flippin’ amazing, but I’ve also never been happier to be back in my own bed, wrapped up in my quilt, eating tuc crackers. Because, well, that’s what I do best.

Here’s a photo of me enjoying Creamfields and being super happy:

Oh, and FYI, if you’re ever considering going to a festival then I would 100% recommend creamfields. (that’s if you’re hardcore like me and love to R-A-V-E.)

ANYWAY, down to business guys. Because that’s what I’m here for. And I can’t wait to share this post with you, EEEEP.

I’ve teamed up with Push Doctor (the online doctor services) for this post, who kindly (and very generously) sent me a festival survival kit, filled with goodies worth £100!

I literally squealed when I got sent this huge package, and it really did come in handy when at Creamfields. (I mean, it’s called a survival kit for a reason.)

So, after using this kit over the weekend, it gave me the idea to write this post and provide you with my 101 on surviving a festival.

10 ways to survive a festival

1) Take your own food!

Pringles were an absolute game changer for me. Breakfast? Pringles. Lunch? Pringles. Tea? Pringles. Drunk-o-clock in the morning? Pringles.

I managed to not spend any money on food whilst there! Festival prices are a little steep for me…so taking lots of snacks is an absolute must!

2) Shower yourself with hand sanitiser!

I was lucky and stayed in a Silver camp – (more like glamping to be honest) So our toilets were cleaned hourly, had toilet roll, soap, hand dryers…the lot. However, if you stay in standard camping then hand sanitiser will literally be your best friend. Take it everywhere with you, you’ll need it!


No one can complain when it comes to body glitter. Sparkle yourself to the dancefloor is what I would say. I couldn’t justify paying £10 for a bit of glitter on my face…so I’m so glad that Push Doctor sent me some glitter so I could do it myself for free!

4) Take suncream!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived at Creamfields festival. The sun was shining, and I mean SHINING. It was scorching hot…I felt like I was in Ibiza. (yassss to a 2-in-1 holiday) Now don’t do what everybody else did and walk around like freshly picked tomatos. Get some suncream on! You’ll be grateful when you aren’t stinging like mad trying to get to sleep on a rock hard tent floor.

5) Drink lots of water.

Oh no…I’ve done it. I’ve made such a Mum comment. I’M NOT EVEN A MUM AND I’M ALREADY ACTING LIKE ONE. Lord help me.

However, it couldn’t be more true. Water was like absolute gold dust when at a festival. If you had a bottle, you were a god.

6) Ladies, invest in a She Wee.

Oh-my-gosh this is so cringe but like, WHERE HAS A SHE WEE BEEN IN ALL OF MY LIFE?!?! If you’ve never heard of a she wee then google it sistahhhh, because it’s the best god damn thing I’ve ever seen. (and used.)

7) Be boring, take a first aid kit.

Another Mumsy comment heading your way guys..but first aid kits are really important. Within an hour I’d really cut my leg. Well, it’s a kind of cut/burn/I don’t even know. Regardless of what it is, IT STINGS. A LOT. So do the right thing and take a first aid kit…or at least some plasters that you will most likely find in the bottom of your junk drawer somewhere.

8) Pack a portable phone charger.

Again, this didn’t apply to me so much as I had a phone charger plug in my dressing room (#VIP #sorrynotsorry) however it’s common to have to pay around £20 to get your phone charged. If you’re fine with that then super duper, but if that makes you shudder from the spine then investing in a portable charger is definitely a good idea.

9) Pack for all weathers.

I was pretty impressed with myself that I managed to complete this point. I packed jumpers, joggers, wellies, flip flops, shorts, cropped tops, a rain coat, a sun hat…the lot! Luckily we had incredible weather, but at night those jumpers definitely came in handy!


This one is vital in surviving a festival. Be care free, let your hair down, don’t worry about the masses of mud on your butt after falling over in the crowd. ENJOY THE MUSIC, enjoy yourself, and enjoy the company of your pals. 🙂

To find even more tips and advice, go and check out this blog post by Push Doctor themselves! Click here to have a mooch. It’s top advice from the masters of self care! So it’s definitely worth a look.

I hope you liked my festival survival tips. And because I’m still super excited about the parcel Push Doctor sent me, I’m going to share a few lil’ snaps with you all of what I got given! I’m so thankful and grateful that they helped me out.

Have you been to any festivals this year? Or got any lined up?

Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about where you went!

Claire ♡



7 responses to “10 ways to survive a festival [ad]”

  1. Anika May says:

    Great tips! I've never been to a festival, but Bingley Music Live is being held in my hometown, so if I go this will be so helpful!Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

  2. abbeylouisarose says:

    Lucky you to get all these goodies from Push Doctor! That mini hairbrush looks ideal for packing light! It looked like you had an insane time at Creamfields from all your snapchats, one of my other friends went as well and she absolutely loved it!! I'm determined to go to a festival next year and all of your tips seem very sensible – I'll be returning to this post for sure! But I don't even need to be going to a festival to have pringles for brekkie hehe, you're just too good!Abbey 🎀 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • Claire Walker says:

      haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who is such a pringles monster 😉 thankyou for your lovely comment! You should definitely go to a festival next year- you'd love it! xx

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