Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Trend of the month: Leather Jackets

Hey lovelies!

Happy May! 

I'm still over in Australia absolutely loving the sunshine (yasssss to warmer winters) but honestly?...I've adjusted to the heat so much that I ACTUALLY GET COLD. 17 DEGREES IS COLD. WHAT.

Anyways, the fact it's a little breezier means it's essential to grab a jacket when leaving the house. And what trendier way to go about this than opt for the classic Leather jacket?

I have always had an adoration for leather jackets, especially black ones. However, I have never even owned one. It's on my bucket list, okay? I love the edgy contrast they give when worn against a floral summer dress. CUTE BUT SASSY, right?

I came across the brand 'Johnny Be Good' and I have fallen head overs heels in love. Make sure you go and check out the Johnny Be Good website! 

As seen in their 'About Us' section, they say...

'Johnny Be Good started out designing and producing cool, classic handmade leather jackets. The name was inspired by rock chic and lightheartedness. We are committed to great styles and superior quality of our leather jackets. We are also passionate about providing them at a reasonable price making a timeless piece accessible to all our valued customers. Our superb garments and accessories look and feel amazing to wear. '

I mean, if that paragraph AND the photo of the drop dead gorgeous model in the beautiful leather jacket doesn't make you want to impulse buy about ten different jackets, I respect you hun.

Because right now I'm resisting that exact urge. 
My favourite part about this brand is that they offer customised jackets. (!!!) You can add cute embroidery and basically design your own jacket... like, GUUUUURL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

I just want to cry into my beautiful handmade jacket, you know? Oh the feels.

You should totally check them out on

Totally worth a follow!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these leather jackets and how you would style them! Would you go for the 'innocent-meets-rock chick' look like me, or go full on rockstar?

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!



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