Saturday, 7 April 2018


Do you ever go on a date that just doesn't work out and you want to disappear into the floor? Like honestly...*please* floorboards SWALLOW MY ASS UP RIGHT NOW.

Or maybe your date is being kind of creepy...or pushy. Or even worse, making you scared.

Well, if you ever find yourself in this situation where you're feeling frightened or uncomfortable, there's something that can help you out!

I'm writing this post today to raise awareness of the 'Ask for Angela' Campaign.

Have you ever heard of this before?

If not, 'Ask for Angela' is a way to get help in a subtle and discreet way.

If you're ever on a date and need to get away, or want some can go to the bar or a member of staff and ask for Angela. Once they hear this, they can take you to a private place away from your date and offer the assistance you need. Whether that be call a taxi, call a family member, or asking the said person to leave the venue.

This campaign is in place to try and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. Many venues across London are already participating members of the Ask for Angela campaign, and I think more and more bars across the world should be getting on board too!

I found out about this campaign through the Free Dating Site.

You should also check out this free dating site too!

I'm so glad I did - because it's so relieving knowing that systems are being put in place to be a bit more safer and reassuring. 

Online dating, or even blind dates set up by friends are supposed to be fun! 

Always remember to stay safe, and if you ever need help, ask for Angela x


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