Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Going back to my Textiles roots

Honestly? I wasn’t a huge fan of high school. The long dinner queues, obnoxious teenage boys, the endless amounts of homework that was, well, pretty pointless.

5(-3x - 2) - (x - 3) = no thankyou.

But one thing I do miss, is Textiles.

There was some sort of magic about learning how to use the sewing machine for the first time, and picking out your favourite materials for your latest project.

You would design, plan, erase notes, make new ones, scrap the instructions completely, laugh, cry, and cry some more.Oh, and repeat this cycle until it was time for bed.

Then finally, you would have your finished product right before you, in your hands. The blood, sweat and tears would always be worth it. (blood from accidentally poking yourself with a needle. Y’know, can’t be helped gal. It’s inevitable really.)

I think the first thing I ever made was a cushion...groundbreaking. Ha.

LOL not very impressive I know...but it was still an amazing feeling all the same. To finally place the cushion on my bed, and think...I MADE THAT HUN. I ACTUALLY MADE THAT CUSHION. I mean come on, I was in year 9 guys, give me a break!

Even though Textiles was super fun, it still felt...kind of, outdated maybe?
To me, Textiles was always about fashion, designers, the latest technology. I wanted it to be accessible, more popular, and actually something easy (or near enough) to take part in.

It’s the 20th century, like...why do I have to search through old markets to find the best, reliable and aesthetically pleasing fabrics? Or sit at my laptop frantically searching for the nearest clothing factory.  I don’t know anyone in the Textile industry...I don’t know any clothing manufacturers,, which means it’s always left down to one person.


And that’s kind of worrying huh.

This is where Sewport changes the game!
The Fashion Tech game.


Sewport are a newly launched platform where designers, fashion SMEs and Textile guru’s like me can easily find clothing manufacturers and services to help with the process. Sewport are revolutionising the way the fashion industry can be accessed. FINALLY, an online Textile lil’ helper. You can completely build your product using this platform. From sketches, to full production. Sewport have it all under control.

All we have to do is click, click, click! Amazing, right?

The fact there is now a platform that quickly connects brands with manufacturers is incredible. This website has all service providing companies in one place. So it saves those late nights scrolling google and finding your dream factory that happens to be a 10 hour drive. Yay.

Sewport is super easy to use too!

Cute website? Ceck.
User friendly? Check.
A website we didn’t even realise we’ve been waiting for all our lives? Double check!

All it takes is three simple steps. First, you complete a quick and simple guided enquiry. Second, you receive proposals from most relevant companies. And finally, you chat and select the best service provider that meets your needs and requirements.

Eek, I just love it!

I could talk about Sewport for daaaays, so go and check it out for yourself!

Thank me later guys, I’ll be waiting. (heh)

I definitely want to go back to my Textile roots and start making cool products again. Maybe customise my clothes a bit more, add cute decorations to my bags. Just lil’ touches that make things more unique and super cute!

What do you guys think? Are any of you Fashion guru’s and already customise your clothes? Have any tips for me?

Let me know if the comments below!

Happy sewing everyone!

Claire ♡

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