Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Inside Outside, Outside In

BRB, just finding my inner beauty blogger xoxo

Okay, HI...I'm back.

I was lucky enough to get sent the iooi, all natural face moisturiser, and ever since using it, I've been super excited to post a review on my blog!
(Like literally, now I have a spare moment I've pounced onto my laptop ready to spill the beans to you guys)

If you know me, then you'll know that I have no skin care routine whatsoever. (Other than a good old makeup wipe and a shower.) But that's it. Ha.

I've always wanted to be that gal who has a million and one potions and lotions in my bedside cabinet, but IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN YANOE. But I'm hoping to change that. Let me be the woman I've always wanted to be god dammit!

You can have a nosey at iooi, and have a look at all of their natural products!

This moisturiser is perfect for me to start with. Y'know, easing myself into the wide world of skincare. This iooi moisturiser was tested on humans, it's 100% natural and fragrance free, and hydrates and softens whilst you sleep!

I'm all about fragrance free skin products, because I have really sensitive skin. So this was great for me.
It felt so amazing on my skin, so smooth and easy to apply. A lot of moisturisers stay really wet and runny on your face (lolz) but this settled straight away and didn't make me feel like I was drowning in jelly. #Win.
This moisturiser comes in a small tub, which I like a LOT better than applying it from a tube! This is so easy to get the perfect amount, and it looks so cute in it's little packaging. ALSO IT CAME IN A CUTE LIL BAG...JUST LOOK HOW ADORABLE THIS IS.

I couldn't recommend this product enough, you should seriously go and check it out and give it a go yourself!


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