Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Next Stop: The Yiros Shop

Hello lovelies!

Rumour has it...this gal right here is making a new blog series called 'Next Stop' to spice up my blog a little, go on some new adventures and basically re-invest my passion into blogging!

If you haven't guessed already, 'Next Stop' will be featuring new places I visit, whether that's restaurants, shops, cafe's, landmarks, cool places...I'll cover it all! 
I can't flippin' wait!

Luke and I were lucky enough to be invited to The Yiros Shop in South Bank - Brisbane, to try some Greek food. I'd never had Greek food before so I was super excited! 

We were welcomed into the store with big smiles, and straight away I was scanning the menu deciding just how much I could possibly eat...'cause y'know, gal has eyes bigger than her belly.

ERM, how cay-ute and insta worthy is that plant though?

Friendly staff? Check.
Cute decor? Check.
Nice food?...LET'S SEE SHALL WE...

*Spoiler alert, it's extremely nice food.*

I mean, before I even explain about the food, the picture just says it all really. MY MOUTH IS ACTUALLY WATERING WHILST WRITING THIS LOL SOZ HUN.

The Yiros Shop had quite a lot to choose from. Me and Luke both chose a chicken Yiros. He was boring and had it quite plain, but I was throwing ALL DAT SALAD AND SAUCE IN THERE GUUURL. 

(In case you didn't know, a Yiros is a traditional Greek dish where it's a thick pitta bread with meat, chips and filling inside. Mmm yes perlease.)

I'm actually quite fussy about kebab style meals, and about meat in general. But honestly? I could not fault this AT ALL. It was delicious, filled me up soooo much, and omg...was gluten free too! Can I get a HELL YES?!

Because me and Luke are greedy we also ordered a side of chips to share, with a megga spicy sauce. (also v v good.)

It was so lovely to eat outside and have the view and atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of South Bank at night.

Literally, the only thing I can fault about The Yiros Shop is that it has now given me a worrying obsession with eating a Yiros. Oops. 
(Although that's not such a bad thing...right??)

If you're around the area then definitely go and check them out!

If you're not in the area then I feel sorry for you sista... and to rub it in your face even more, here's a link to their Instagram - The Yiros Shop

(How photogenic is their food though?)

Thanks again Yiros Shop, you'll definitely be seeing me again!


* Complimentary meal.


  1. I absolutely ADORE Greek food! I've worked out in Greece for a couple of summers and Greek salads, yiros and tzatziki are among some of my favourite things to eat! I am kinda glad I haven't gone out there since turning veggie / vegan because I'm not sure I'd be able to resist the yiros hahah! The yiros you've had here looks super authentic, exactly like the real Greek ones I've had in the past! So glad you enjoyed your meal and that you'd go back!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. Ahhh I can't believe you worked in Greece! That's amazing! Mmm, I could demolish a Greek salad right now! xx


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