Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Next Stop: The Yiros Shop

Hello lovelies!

Rumour has it...this gal right here is making a new blog series called 'Next Stop' to spice up my blog a little, go on some new adventures and basically re-invest my passion into blogging!

If you haven't guessed already, 'Next Stop' will be featuring new places I visit, whether that's restaurants, shops, cafe's, landmarks, cool places...I'll cover it all! 
I can't flippin' wait!

Luke and I were lucky enough to be invited to The Yiros Shop in South Bank - Brisbane, to try some Greek food. I'd never had Greek food before so I was super excited! 

We were welcomed into the store with big smiles, and straight away I was scanning the menu deciding just how much I could possibly eat...'cause y'know, gal has eyes bigger than her belly.

ERM, how cay-ute and insta worthy is that plant though?

Friendly staff? Check.
Cute decor? Check.
Nice food?...LET'S SEE SHALL WE...

*Spoiler alert, it's extremely nice food.*

I mean, before I even explain about the food, the picture just says it all really. MY MOUTH IS ACTUALLY WATERING WHILST WRITING THIS LOL SOZ HUN.

The Yiros Shop had quite a lot to choose from. Me and Luke both chose a chicken Yiros. He was boring and had it quite plain, but I was throwing ALL DAT SALAD AND SAUCE IN THERE GUUURL. 

(In case you didn't know, a Yiros is a traditional Greek dish where it's a thick pitta bread with meat, chips and filling inside. Mmm yes perlease.)

I'm actually quite fussy about kebab style meals, and about meat in general. But honestly? I could not fault this AT ALL. It was delicious, filled me up soooo much, and omg...was gluten free too! Can I get a HELL YES?!

Because me and Luke are greedy we also ordered a side of chips to share, with a megga spicy sauce. (also v v good.)

It was so lovely to eat outside and have the view and atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of South Bank at night.

Literally, the only thing I can fault about The Yiros Shop is that it has now given me a worrying obsession with eating a Yiros. Oops. 
(Although that's not such a bad thing...right??)

If you're around the area then definitely go and check them out!

If you're not in the area then I feel sorry for you sista... and to rub it in your face even more, here's a link to their Instagram - The Yiros Shop

(How photogenic is their food though?)

Thanks again Yiros Shop, you'll definitely be seeing me again!


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