Tuesday, 13 February 2018

IT'S A MATCH! 7 tips to stay safe online

Valentines Day is so close I can almost taste the overload of a Cadbury's Milk Chocolate tray, and I'm pretty sure I have supermarket flowers falling out of my ears at this point. 

Ah, good old V Day. Is it weird that I still ask my boyfriend to "be my valentine" and would most likely sign off a card with a question mark. OH ME. OH SO MYSTERIOUS. OH SO CLICHE. I BLOODY LOVE IT.

Anyways, enough of the lovely dovey stuff.

I'm here to talk about how to stay safe online.

Online dating can be AMAZING
I mean, come on...it's 2018. Scientists can practically invent your perfect partner. So a website showing you your perfect match? THINK OF THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR ALL YOU SINGLE-TONS. 

Why didn't Bridget Jones have this kind of online dating phenomenon in her pre- Mark Darcy days? 

Anyways, as fabulous as online dating can be, it's also important to follow a few steps on how to stay safe online. Take it from a girl who practically posts her life on social media, ha. Or don't.

1. Trust your gut feeling.
If the person you're talking to online seems creepy...and putting those "oh my god what if they're a murderer" thoughts in your head...then YOUR GUT IS TELLING YOU NU-UH HONEY. Aint' nobody got time for dat.


Remember that social media can have your back sometimes. The block button is there for a reason, so use it if you want to! Report, delete, block. You know the drill. And be generous with this! - we have NO time and NO space for creeps, ok?

3. Use your brain.

I mean, this kind of speaks for itself. NEVER give away your address or any personal information. C'mon, do I even have to include this as a point? 

4. For first meetings, meet in a public place.

ALWAYS meet in a public place if you're meeting someone for the first time. A busy, over crowded and popular place might not be the most romantic...but it's the safest and most sensible thing to do. Never go to a private place until you're completely comfortable. Promise me that mm'kay?

5. Be that non-stalker stalker you've always heard about.

In a non-stalker way...stalk their social media profiles. Are they easy to find? Do they add up? ARE THEY REAL? Get ya detective hats on before you take the plunge and ask for a first date.

6. Always tell family and friends where you are.

This one is SO important. Always, always, always tell a family, friend, or someone you trust where you will be going, and who you are meeting. Y'know...just in case. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

7. Try and arrange to Facetime or call on the phone.

This is a good idea to test the waters a bit. I mean, 1) This proves they are a real person, and not a...I dunno...a robot. 2) You can decide if you actually like them and get on with them. 3) If they're weird about calling and refuse to and then go all M.I.A then they were probably catfishing you, sorry hun. 

These are just a few tips to stay safe online, but there's endless reasons that just won't fit into a blog post. Do your research and always take precautions. 

Online dating can be super fun, and most people meet online these days anyway. Get yaself a hot new date this Valentines day, and remember to stay safe!

Here are a few dating sites that you can totally make use of this February! (and months to come of course...)


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