Friday, 9 February 2018


Oh hey lovelies.
How ya doin'?

And NOPE. I refuse to apologise for my ever so cringy blog title. 

This post is dedicated to helping out any newbie bloggers, anyone who's sat there thinking 'OH HEY. I wanna earn dollar from writing online too!' or anyone who just clicked on this post out of pure boredom. If the latter, then HELLO and welcome to Grab Your Camera!

I mean, it's pretty sweet earning money whilst curled up in bed, one hand typing, and the other hand holding my kit kat chunky. #GOALS or what?

Anyways, I totally get that not everyone wants to make money from their blog. It could just be a super fun hobby that you enjoy doing at weekends, and that's perfect just as it is! Blogging, for me, started out as a hobby and within a MONTH of blogging I got my first sponsored collaboration. I was like, yessss, I could TOTALLY get used to this. 

I'm not claiming I'm some big time blogger who gets sent away to the Maldives to take pics of my chubby bum in the sea...(ha, I wish) but I have a few tips and tricks to help earn money whilst doing something you love. (*cough*, blogging...I'm talking about you hun.)


Eat, sleep, and BREATHE your blog. 
Post on social media all of the time, share your blog link with family and friends, I dunno, show it to your pet rabbit! But BE CONSISTENT. If a brand can see you post regularly, then they are more likely to want to work with you. If they click on your blog and your last post was 3 months ago...then nuh-uh. We ain't working out sugar. 


This might mean stepping out of your comfort zone, or taking a big swig of some confidence potion "Liquid Luck" from Hogwarts (I'm looking at you Hazza Potter)...but get yourself out there! How do people know you exist if you don't SHOW THEM. They might stumble upon your email and cry of joy because you're just what they've been looking for. Most of my collaborations come from me pitching. If they ignore you or say no, then WHATEVS TREVZ because you're totally missing out on my hot ass.

3) Invest money into your blog.

Yep, your blog demands time, effort, and patience. But y'know what else helps? A lil' bit of money. This might sound quite annoying considering you're wanting to MAKE money. But investing into a pretty blog theme, a logo, or your OWN domain name is completely worth it! Trust me on this one sistah. 

(Pssst, I got my blog theme from pipdig and got my AMAZING blog header from the lovely and talented Dorkface.)

4) Keep in touch with brands.

Thank a brand after collaborating, tell them how much you enjoyed it. It's such an amazing feeling when they give you good feedback, and you never know when they might have a new campaign going! So keep those handy emails and maybe drop them a line after a few months. Creating good relationships with a PR is such a good and helpful thing to do. 

5) #PRRequest #BloggersWanted & Bloggers Required is your BFFL.

There are so many blogging opportunities flying around Twitter. Just search the hashtag #BloggersWanted and see for yourself! I also occasionally tweet about looking for collaborations and end my tweet with #PRrequest. This is so brands can easily find me, and it works! I usually have an email about 30 minutes after tweeting that. Another life saver is the website Bloggers Required. I've found so many paid opportunities on there, and it's super easy to apply for different roles! 

Okay, so that's just a few of my tips for making money online. I could go on for EVER so I'll leave you with my top 5. If you have any more questions then feel free to comment or connect with me on Twitter. (I love a good chit chat.)

Peace out!



  1. Your advice here is absolutely golden, Claire! I definitely agree about investing in your blog before you can expect brands and companies to invest in you – you need to look super professional with a great theme and header as well as posting regular, quality content before anyone is likely to throw some dollar your way! It really disappoints me that pitching to brands get such a bad rap sometimes, it is common PR practice and I don't think it's something that any blogger should be ashamed of doing!

    Abbey xx

    1. Thankyou so much Abbey! I know, it makes me sad as well that pitching is frowned upon sometimes. Everyone should just OWN IT! xx

  2. This is some great advice! Thank you so much for this! I think I definitely need to use more hashtags to get myself out there a bit more! xx


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