Friday, 5 January 2018


Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be writing this blog post, and yanoe why?...IT'S A COMPETITION POST!
And boy, who doesn't get giddy over a good old competition? 

This #LetThereBeLight competition is hosted by the lovely Urban Cottage Industries and £500 worth of camera equipment is up for grabs.

I MEAN, £500 worth of camera equipment?!?! That's just a dream come true if I won (or for whoever would win.) If I won I'd probably be crying into my laptop looking at lenses, film cameras, light rings... endless opportunities at improving my blog photography. Oh lord, I'm getting carried away aren't I?

For this competition, you have to create two photographs, one showcasing artificial light, and one showcasing natural light.


My Competition entry: 

So, for my entry, I'm sharing two photographs from my project 'Thinking Of You.' This project is all about remembering my parents, and how I think about them daily. It takes me back to my childhood memories, and this is what the project is about. Recreating that childhood lifestyle.

It's a self portraiture project, me, myself, and I. Oh, and my long pink dress.

Image 1 - Artificial Light

For this image I used a small external light, and also a camera flash attached to a light stand. This photo came about when I was walking through the woods. I came across a trolley, and it reminded me of the days when you used to sit in the trolley and be whizzed around the supermarkets, grabbing whatever sweets you possibly could find. This is quite a quirky, and abstract image...but that is what I love about it. I like how even though artificial light is used, it's not entirely obvious. Subtle lighting in images works really well, especially when the contrast between my pale skin and the dark background is so strong.

Image 2 - Natural Light

This image was taken in an outdoor bar, on a sunny day. The bar I am sat on was sheltered, but the sunshine was landing straight onto my lap. I'm secretly holding a camera remote in my hand, and again, was recreating the childhood memories of exploring new places, and climbing on anything in site!


So that's my entry to the #LetTherebeLight competition.
 It was so fun experimenting with different lighting techniques! 

For anyone else entering the competition, have fun - and good luck!


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