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The next stop: Los Sotano

This gal loves a good Mexican. Tacos and cocktails make the perfect mix and Mexican restaurants are always my number 1 go to choice for an evening feed. 

Since being in Hong Kong I’ve been googling and reading non-stop about places to go and I stumbled across  Los Sotano

Maybe it was the hidden door concept that drew me in, or the photos of the edgy neon lights and wall art, but I was DOWN FOR IT. 

Los Sotano is a Mexican restaurant and bar hidden underground in the heart of LKF. (the party central of Hong Kong.) You have to find the mysterious barrel door and press the eyes on the skull which then reveals a dark spiral staircase which leads to the COOLEST PLACE EVER. 

It’s so dark and lit with gorgeous scented candles. We were greeted with huge smiles and dancing staff which was SO LOVELY and surprising because service in Hong Kong is probably on the weaker side. (Usually because everywhere is so busy so they need people to rush) but here they were so relaxed and welcoming. 

I ordered a glass of wine to start (which was super budget friendly) and then Watermelon flavored cocktail to follow. Who doesn’t love a pretty cocktail for the gram? AM I RIGHT?! 

My boyfriend also got giddy and ordered about ten million tequila shots. #GUDTYMZ

The shots definitely helped me bust some moves to the absolute TUNES they were playing. (They have DJ sets too, how good is that?!)

For food we ordered a variety of tacos, some Mexican rice and corn on the cob which was DELICIOUS.

Honestly I can’t wait to return to Los Sotano because it was 10/10.

If you’re in Hong Kong and fancy a night of snacks, tequila and lots of fun then this is the place to go! Trust me. 


Saturday, 18 August 2018

Are bloggers getting LAZY?


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Accessory Essentials!

Hello lovelies.

How you dooooiiinnnn'?

I thought I'd mix it up a bit today and post a blog post a bit different from my latest content. (My latest content has been travel related or lifestyle rambles)...but today I'm going for a more fashion-ista type post! Because y'know...I'm so #FASZHHHUN.

Recently I decided to treat myself with a big shopping spree. I got some megga cute outfits from H&M and Uniqlo...but the main thing I surprised myself with was the accessories I bought. I hardly ever buy accessories but I couldn't resist placing these gorgeous essentials in my shopping bag! 

A lot of these were actually in the sale (lolz) which is PERFECT for me because I'm just a proper cheap skate tbh...NOT EVEN SORRY. If I spot a bargain, I'm getting that bargain.

I'm always stalking the Asos sale, or even random shops like Matalan, M&S and Debenhams! Honestly, you can surprise yourself and find some right worldies.

If you're like me and love finding some great deals then you should totally check out the Latest Deals site! You can find so many discount codes, vouchers, and absolute bargains. I always like to check out sites like this before I do a big online shop, just in case I manage to find something. With just a short scroll of the Latest Deals site you can see so many different categories to chose from and deals as large as 75% off! Girl...Can I JUST WHAT!?!

Anyway, before I talk myself into spending way too much money shopping again, let me show you my latest accessory essential finds!

Glasses from H&M

Sunglasses from H&M

Bag from Typo

Hoop earrings from H&M

Rings from H&M

Card Holder from a local Hong Kong shop!

Donut shopping Bag received as a gift

I hope you like these accessories as much as I do. I didn't add prices or links as I got these from the Hong Kong store so wasn't sure what currency to list it in. *first world problems* I'm definitely going to continue spicing my outfits up with different jewellery and bags...any excuse for a new shopping trip I suppose. #LOVEME

Where's your favourite place to shop at the moment?! H&M is a clear winner for me right now and I definitely can't wait to bag myself some bargains from Last Minute Deals!



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10 tips for moving in with your BOO


Sunday, 17 June 2018

HONG KONG: The good + the bad


Monday, 11 June 2018


I'm not even going to start this post with a half hearted apology about not having posted in FOREVER because you know, a) nobody really cares and b) um, nobody really cares.


I've kind of had this OOMPH moment where I'm super stoked and excited to get back to blogging and practically word vomit my mind onto this lil' diamond I call my blog. (This is what I enjoy doing and after a lot of time out and deep thinking I'm totally BACK IN THE GAME.)

Okay, so first up. I have BIG news (that if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know)...I AM IN HONG KONG.

Like, wait, what?

One minute I'm graduating in Photography, then I'm watching my tears drop into my must-have-daily Red Bull whilst sat at a desk in the worst job in the world. Then I travelled to Australia, AND THEN I BLINKED AND I'M AN ENGLISH TEACHER IN HONG KONG.

And boy oh boy do I flipping love it.

Who'd have though that I would actually enjoy being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world?

It's incredible!

Sometimes it can be quite daunting, and of course there's often the issue of the language barrier. But it's so fascinating and fun! I mean yes, sometimes when I'm trying to order my $10 noodles and asking for less spice I get stared at very blankly and I have to gesture my way through the biggest game of sherades I ever did play. But yanoe, gals gotta learn some Chinese!

Anyway, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because otherwise I'll get over excited and start doing that thing I do where I'm super giddy and I don't realise actually how fast I'm talking.

I just wanted to let you guys know about my new adventure, how happy I am and to watch this space because there will be a LOT more posts to follow!

Welcome to a new start to my blog and welcome to my Hong Kong journey!


PS, here's a few lil' phone snaps of Hong Kong so far! This is just to taste ya appetite of what's to come on my blog!


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Next Stop: The Yiros Shop


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50 Questions for date night


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The Boyfriend Tag - Blog style.


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9 reasons why January is the BEST

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