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How are you all?

A lot of you may already know (due to my previous blog post and latest tweets) that I'm attempting at setting up my own freelancing social media & marketing business.

It's obviously going to be small at first, just a few clients here and there. But this, alongside my blogging is MY BIG FAT DREAAAAAM. Well, my real life dream that I WILL succeed at.

"Don't call it a dream. Call it a plan."

So, I thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update on how it's all going, and what steps I've been going through to aim towards my launch.

The name

Okay, so to start with, I had to think of a name. 
My freelance business will be all about improving brands social media, setting up accounts for newbies, and creating content for some amazing clients.

Due to moving to Australia, I knew I would be focusing on clients in Australia. Of course when I move back to England this will change, but for now, Oz Land is my CRIB.

So the name I came up with is *drum roll PLEASE*....

'Connect AUS.'

I kind of love it SO MUCH already. It's my lil bubah. It's super simple, but that's what I think is great about it.

The Logo

This was the most exciting part for me...creating my logo. I mean, I'm not much of a graphic designer, and I sure as hell can't draw or anything like that. So when I discovered the website LogoJoy, I was basically jumping with joy.

How it works

Step 1: You choose some inspiration! You look through their logo and colour schemes, and click a few that inspire you. that way, LogoJoy understands what type of aesthetic you're after.

Step 2: Write in your business name and slogan.

Step 3: Choose which design you like best, and edit it to your preferences. 

I mean...HOW EASY DOES THAT SOUND? The premium package I used, for $65, gave you a high resolution logo, it came in different file types and colours, gives you full copyright and ownership, and much much more! You have so much control of your logo and design, and you can make it all YOURS.

Here is what I came up with using LogoJoy!

I can't decide which I like best...the completely white one, or the one with the blue phone? PLEASE let me know in the comments what you think! I'd really appreciate it!

The website also shows you what your logo would look like on things such as business cards, signs, and t-shirts!


For anyone starting up their own business, brand, shop, or blog...I really recommend using LogoJoy. It's super helpful, simple, and produces great results!

The social media accounts 

Next is creating the social media accounts for my freelance business. This is something I'm currently working on, along with my website. Once this is all complete I can finally launch! EEEEEEK.

I'm super excited to get started, and thanks to LogoJoy I have a great head start.


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