Monday, 21 August 2017

Treat Yo'self | Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Box.

Best. Blogger. Mail. Ever.
Oh mah gaaawdddd.

The amazing Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription box sent me a box for free to try out, and wow oh wow am I in love. A lingerie subscription box that gets sent straight to your door every month?


(Oh, and FYI, they send it to you on the 7th of every month, OR you can send it as a gift for somebody else. The boxes are priced at around £35 and they don't fail to impress!)

Okay, so to start off with, the actual box itself is beautiful. It's a smooth matted cardboard material with gorgeous golden, shiny writing across it. It's designed to look very luxurious and upmarket which I just LOVE. It's tied by a pink ribbon and when I opened it I was greeted with more pink ribbon and pink tissue paper. (Eeeek.)


By this point I was squealing with excitement and the tissue paper was half way across my bedroom floor. 

The first item I picked out were these super cute pants! I absolutely love the colour and the design, so straight I knew I'd bagged myself a fabulous subscription box.

The next item I couldn't w-a-i-t to get out of the box was this lacey, black, bodysuit lingerie set. It's god damn HAWTTTT. (I'm currently trying to get an online-appropriate photo of me wearing this so stay posted. ha.)

However...a much more appealing photograph can be found below which I found on their Instagram page.

It's just pure goregeous-ness isn't it?

Now I wasn't expecting jewellery to be in a lingerie subscription box but what an amazing surprise that was! These bangles, earrings and the choker are right up my street! If I got sent a subscription box like this every month I feel like it would be Christmas all the time! So in my's totally worth the money. ( ;) )

I'm so so chuffed with this subscription box and I will definitely be signing up to it in the near future!

Thankyou so so much Empress Mimi...
Go and follow this incredible brand over on their Instagram to see what else they have to offer! 




  1. This sounds like such an amazing box, there's not a better feeling than receiving underwear IMO and those cute bits of jewellery are the cherry on the cake. Will deff be looking into this, its' gorgeous!

    Jen, Velvet Spring x

    1. It really is amazing 😍 Yup...I agree with you completely! You should totally check it out! Thanks for the comment lovely xx

  2. You got so many lovely things! Do you think what you got is worth the $35? How was the material? I really love the idea of getting a subscription box like this! Can't wait to see how everything looks on you xxx

    Melina |

    1. I luuuurv it! Yep, it's definitely worth it and it's actually worth so much more technically! 😍 It's such a treat so you should definitely look into it honey xx

  3. I have never heard of a lingerie subscription box but what a great unique box! I'm deffo going to check the website out!

    Tabitha 🐡🐡

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  7. Hey, You got an amazing subscription box with undergarments and Jewellery. One of my friend also recently sent me a gift box full of beautiful lingerie ordered from Katys Boutique. The items were very stylish and perfect fit for me. I really feel very comfortable in them and loved my gift box.


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