Monday, 14 August 2017

The Fuck Budget

Oh my gosh I'm actually swearing on my blog.
An actual real life swear word.
(okay so I swear all the god damn time but I try to keep this lil space on the internet A NO SWEAR ZONE because yanoe, I'm a top influencer and all that. Lolz.)

HOWEVER, I'm making an exception because this book is what dreams are made of.
Every page has me in stitches of laughter and it really does brighten my mood.

"The Life changing magic of not giving a fuck" by Sarah Knight is a book all about, guessed it, NOT GIVING A FLYING FUCK.

I'm not going to spoil it for you too much because you should totally get your hands on this incredible piece of writing but basically Sarah Knight teaches you all about The Fuck Budget.

The Fuck Budget is basically a way of deciding what a) you're not going to give a fuck about. And b) what you ARE going to give a fuck about. is my version of the fuck budget. 

Things I definitely do not, and will not give a fuck about

  • What other people think of me, or what they think of what I do
  • People who don't like me
  • The pizza delivery guy being late
  • Being totally and super skint (I spend too much time stressing about this and tbh...NOPE. I refuse to let my little brain stress about this any more)
  • Others doing better than me (this should inspire me, not get me down)

Things I do, and should definitely give a fuck about

  • My family, friends, and boyfriend - spending quality time with them (*inset love heart here*)
  • My blog
  • Working hard at my job and my career aspects
  • Being healthy and focusing on myself (physically and mentally)
  • Remembering to take my anti depressants because BY GOD do they work, and do absolute wonders for my attitude 
  • Passing my driving test because guuuurl I'm 21 and still can't drive (hahaha)

So that's my current fuck budget! I will of course be updating it and changing it as I go along, but this kind of thing really helps with my positive attitude. (PVO guys, PVO) - Positive...vibes...ONLY.

Have you created a fuck budget yet? Or if not, have I inspired you to do so?!
If you haven't got your hands on the 'life changing magic of not giving a fuck' then I really urge you to do so!



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