Thursday, 10 August 2017

Mad Beauty for a Mad Gal

Eeeep, I love blogging.
Especially when I come across fabulous brands that I probably wouldn't have come across if it wasn't for my blog.

Mad Beauty were super kind and sent me this lovely package full of beauty essentials. This brand is a brand that focuses on creating interesting, fun and colourful products - and that's exactly what I witnessed when opening this parcel.
As soon as I opened it I was greeted with bright colours, exciting patterns and really unique products that I'd never seen before.

Doesn't this photo just scream pink and fun and fruity and nice and EEEEP I DON'T KNOW I JUST REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS BRAND. (sorry, I'm getting carried away.)

This ultimate handy set includes hand cream, wipes, hand sanitizer and a pack of tissues. This will be super handy for when I go to creamfields festival and it will definitely be finding it's place at the top of my travel bag.

Also, how CAYUTE are these little hand sanitizers? They're sassy and trendy and I love how they're designed. I especially love the "All About ME" one...because,'s just SO Claire. Did Mad Beauty have me in mind when printing that slogan because GUUUURL it's my life motto.

I feel well and truly spoilt by Mad Beauty with this blogger mail and I'll be carrying these beauty products with me practically EVERYWHERE I go. I'll also definitely be keeping my eyes out for lots of other amazing products they're bringing out.

If you fancy purchasing any of these products then of course ya gal has sorted you out with the links and prices below.

Ultimate Cherry Handy set - £8.99 - here
Moisturising Hand Sanitizers - £2.99 - here
Clip and Clean gel sanitizer sayings - £2.50 - here

Happy shopping guys!



  1. I love how bright and colourful everything is! x

    1. I know, me too! They make me feel happy haha xx

  2. I've not heard of this brand before, but everything you got looks amazing! I'm loving the packaging too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. It really is fab! You should check them out :) xx

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