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Dating Series: Dating tips for when you have a high maintenance girlfriend

OKAY okaaaay, I can be a little bit of a high maintenance girlfriend...a bit needy, a bit...y'know...WHY HAVE YOU NOT BOOKED A FLIGHT FOR US TO GO TO NEW YORK YET HONEY??? (okay, that's a bit of an over exaggeration...but you get the idea.)

This post is for all you guys and gals who have high maintenance girlfriends and just sometimes kind of want to rip your own hair out at their annoying yet SUPER ENDEARING behaviour. (sssh, I won't tell.)

Anyway, since you can't figure it out for yourself, I'll be like your cool older sister handing you the Bible of 'dating tips when you have a high maintenance girlfriend'. So your little sorry ass will be thanking me later, trust me.

1) Have patience.

Sometimes her anger and jealousy can stem from insecurities from a past relationship, or just personal insecurities she may have. In this case, having patience can work wonders.

2) Have a backbone.

Yep, sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself. Being a high maintenance girlfriend myself, sometimes it just takes my boyfriend to tell me straight and basically put me in my place!

3) Make sure you have your shoes on the second she's ready.

Oh god, she's taken 2 hours to get ready and now she's yelling at you because you don't have your shoes or your coat on? BIG MISTAKE DUDE...BIG. MISTAKE. Take it from me, put your shoes on that extra five minutes early and your night will be a lot easier. 

4) Be prepared for makeup products, clothes, magazines, appointment cards, hair brushes and lord knows what else scattered around your room. And just deal with it.

Now don't say I didn't warn you...

5) Compliments are key.

A high maintenance girlfriend will usually put lots of time, money, and effort into looking her best. So a compliment every now and again goes a looooong way. Don't get me wrong, this definitely isn't a one way street. High maintenance gals love dishing out the compliments too...because who doesn't love getting their ego stroked once in a while? And she knows that.

6) Plan around her prep.

High maintenance girlfriends value their prep time before a night out, date, or even a walk to the park. Don't rush her...and try to plan around her prep time. It may sound vain and basically pretty lame...but it's not! Not all people feel comfortable without wearing makeup or looking their best, so when they look good, they feel good - and you should respect that.

7) Give reassurance.

It may seem tiring, but offering her reassurance that you love her just the way she is (high maintenance or not!) will do a world of good. This is a no brainer really.

So there's a few tips from me!
Do you have any extra tips to add to my list? 
Take this blog post with a pinch of salt...not every relationship is the same and these are just tips! (not compulsions)

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Good luck on your dating adventure and let me know how it goes!


*This post is a sponsored post but all opinions and words are my own


  1. Haha I'm not in a relationship but I definitely would be a high maintained girlfriend!
    Robyn //

  2. Great tips. I hope they follow with it tho.
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'? Follow me and I'll follow you back.

    1. Thanks! I'll check out your blog now :) xx

  3. Im definetely a high maintenance girlfriend so I totally agree with all of these points! Thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! 🙈 xx

  4. Great tips! I really relate to having shoes on when I'm ready because I always find myself getting annoyed with my other half if he's not ready when I am haha.

    Faye Jessica

    1. haha me too! it must be a girl thing ;) xx

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