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Dating series: 10 date ideas for under £10

Ever sat in front of the TV at home, one hand clutching your beloved iphone, the other 6 feet deep into a bag of cheesy doritos whilst you were wishing you could be out in the sunshine enjoying a few pints or being whisked away on some super cute flashy date?

SIGH. Me too honey, me too.

But sometimes our bank balances just won't let us.
 Minus onegazzilifjndgfbsh pounds. Yikes. 
 Maybe we shouldn't have bought the bag of cheesy doritos after all. Or that nail varnish that literally SCREAMED at us in the makeup store. I just HAD to buy it okay??

But, your gal has got your back ONCE AGAIN with some fabulous date ideas...all for under a tenner. CHEERS TO THAT.

10 date ideas for under £10

2 4 1 Cocktails at Revolution
Revolution happy hour is Monday - Friday 5pm-7pm. Grab those two for one cocktails and you just can't go wrong. There's a Revolution in pretty much every city or town so this is a go to when you fancy a posh cocktail for two, that won't skyrocket your spending habits. Mmm, yes please.

Visit a Lake.
Have a leisurely stroll around a pretty lake. If you take a picnic with you, a cosy rug and a disposable camera you're EASILY spending under a tenner on this date. Plus, it will be a memorable one!

Movie night
Grab your fave DVD, a £1 frozen pizza and a few snacks, and you have the recipe for a perfect night in! To make it even better, put lots of pillows and quilts on the floor and you'll have the cosiest lil' hide out ever! (fairy lights, where you at?!)

Go swimming!
YES. Go for a good old fashioned dip in the pool. Now I can't vouch for every single swimming baths in the world, but on average it's around £3 to go swimming. So a splash about in the pool and a chocolate bar from the vending machine afterwards is definitely under £10. Genius.

Games night
Collect all the tacky board games from your loft or dusty cupboard, download a few games from the app store (couple games are extra fun for a date) and spend all night releasing your inner competitor! It'll be a right barrel of laughs and you'll wonder why you don't have a games night more often. This night might not even cost you a penny! 

Visit an art gallery.
Most art galleries are actually FREE. And a lot of people don't realise this. Whether you're an art loving geek, or never even looked at a painting galleries can be fun and super interesting! This is also the type of date you can go on and really get to know each other as you'll actually get the time to talk to each other. As it's free entry, you're lucky in that you have £10 to spend in the gallery cafe! 
Hot chocolate with extra cream please.

Lying in your back garden with some headphones in, holding hands and being all cutesy whilst looking up at the stars doesn't cost a THING. Cliche I know. Cringey I know. But isn't stargazing just one of those things that we just ALL have to do? Correct me if I'm wrong but it's right at the top of the dating bucket list. It's in the handbook guys. Look it up.

Cook a new recipe.
Nothing beats couple bonding than screaming at each other because SOMEONE burnt the meal in the oven. 
Pffft, don't blame me.
However, if it all runs smoothly and you don't have to call up your local takeaway as a complete night saver, then this date will be under a tenner too!

Go to an arcade.
You'll be pretty impressed with how much fun (and 2p's) a ten pound note can get you.

Play a sport!
Grab some tennis rackets, kick a football around, invite another couple for a game of cricket on the park. This is something that everyone can enjoy (unless you're a sore loser like myself) and can be cheap as chips...if not, no money at all!

So there's my 10 date ideas for under £10.
Have you got any more ideas that I'm completely missing? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you're on the look out for someone to take on a date, then I have the perfect websites for you! Check out these ones below.

Good luck lovelies, and have fun!


This post was a sponsored post but all of the ideas and opinions are my own!


  1. What fantastic idea! I loved reading this and it has definitely given me some ideas for dates! Love them all x

    1. Aw I'm so glad you like some of the ideas! :) xx

  2. Great ideas :) finding something fun to do on a first date can be tricky! x


  3. Fantastic ideas! I remember doing quite a few of these things with my other half when we first started dating. We've been together 3 years now 💖🍵

    1. Aw congratulations! I bet you've been on so many lovely dates! xx

  4. We visited a lake a few weeks ago and took a picnic and we said we'll definitely do it again x


    1. Aw that's lovely! Yeah I feel like those are the best kind of dates :) xx

  5. Ooh fab ideas :)
    Cora ❤

  6. These are some cute ideas. Playing games and cookin is defo our faves!

    Jessica & James | /

    1. aw I'm glad you like them! And of course, your cooking always looks unreal! xx

  7. Whether you choose an arts festival or food market, these are great inexpensive ways to spend time with your kiddo.


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