Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Missguided: Top 6 Picks

Summer is getting closer...I can almost taste the shameful amount of 'Sex On The Beach' cocktails I'll be sipping by the pool this year. 

I go to Croatia in April with my gal pals from university, and I'm hoping to make other plans throughout the summer too. This means one thing...I am constantly finding myself endlessly scrolling through Missguided's website. 

Whoops, there she goes again...10 more floral dresses just accidentally landed into my shopping basket.

Instead of wasting my time lusting over clothes that I don't have the money to buy, I decided to put my time to good use and create a blog post of my top 6 picks! So... if any of you want to just, y'know, ship a few items my way, then that's absolutely fine with me. 

Aren't they all just gorgeous?!
Do you have your eye on anything from Missguided at the moment?
Are you going anywhere hot and sunny this summer?
Let me know in the comments!



  1. I love all of these picks! Especially the swimsuit and cap, they're both so cool! Think I might need to treat myself now! X


    1. I'm so so tempted to treat myself as well! xx

  2. A girls holiday sounds like so much fun, Claire! You're going to have an amazing time in Croatia, I hope you take loads of photos to share! 😍 You have fab taste in holiday clothes as well, that backpack is adorable! I definitely agree that brunettes are better hehe!

    Abbey 🌸

    1. I definitely will be taking LOTS of holiday snaps to share with you all! Thankyou for your comment lovely xx

  3. I'm headed to Egypt in April so I've been non-stop shopping since Christmas!!! Can't complain really, haha. I love these pieces you've picked out - especially the sunglasses! So cute. I hope you have a great time in Croatia lovely
    Elen x

    1. Ah wow that's so exciting! I hope you have an amazing time! I'm not surprised that you've been shopping lots! And thankyou sweetie! <3 xx

  4. LOL This is great. I need to do this when I am online shopping and adding items to my cart that I shouldn't be. Instead, make it a wishlist blog post & hope some mystery person will ship it to me! Haha. Missguided seems like such a great company but to be honest, my only time I purchased from them, it was a bad experience. I placed an order for 3 items, EACH item was wrong. Each item arrived wrong. They sent me random stuff I didn't even order.. so I had to waste my time to ship it all back to them and pay for the shipping - I got some money back, but it was just SO much trouble. It's made me sketchy about purchasing from them again in all honesty. But fun idea for a post! haha

  5. Great finds! I really need pay day so I can hit the shops! x

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