Monday, 17 October 2016


Hello poppets.
I have a little blog review to share with you guys and for any of my readers that are beauty fans, I encourage you to read on!

The new brand "Beauty Essentials" have created this fantastic (and very useful!) tool to switch your makeup colour's MID APPLICATION without getting it all mixed. I mean, I don't know about you...but I HATE it when my eyeshadow palettes get all mixed up. Eurgh.
 Kinda' like in reception was an unwritten rule to not use the yellow felt tip before the black one.
 Well with this tool, YOU CAN USE THE YELLOW FELT TIP ALL YOU LIKE. Only the felt tip isn't a felt tip. It's your fave sparkly eye shadow that you wanna plaster over your eyelids before hitting the cocktail bar. get it. (How good am I at analogies?) Ha.
 I've been super lucky to be sent this amazing gift to try for myself and it's already straight in my makeup bag, claiming it's rightful place as one of my daily essentials.

Not only is it completely adorable with it's pink really does work!
You take your brush that you've just used to apply your makeup, swirl it around in the tin...and AS IF BY MAGIC, it's completely clean.
I've included a before and after picture just incase you're like me and were thinking "pfft...that's not going to work."

I tested it with my eyeshadow sponge and I was so surprised at the results!

Are you impressed?! If so, you can buy them on Amazon here for £5.99.
Go on, treat yaself.

Lots of love,



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