Saturday, 29 October 2016

Blossoming Gifts

Oh my gawwwshhh, I've been SO excited to write this post but I had to wait until the flowers blossomed and I WAS SO IMPATIENT but it was definitely worth the wait.

The lovely Blossoming Gifts asked me to choose a bouquet of flowers to review and obviously I said YES. 

I spent a good thirty minutes scrolling their website, carefully choosing which flowers I liked best. The website is so easy and quick to use. If you know me well enough, you'll know that I clicked straight on the "pink" flowers filter.

My favourite flowers that I picked to receive were the "Lovely Lily & Rose" bouquet. Within a couple of days, there was a knock at my door and I'm not going to deny the fact I purposely took a LONG time to accept my delivery. The whole street needed to see me getting flowers - I have many admirers...okay?

The flowers arrived in a box which amazed me! I've never seen flowers be delivered in a box before - but how handy is that?! They were so safe and secure, wrapped in special paper and had a wet sponge holding them together and keeping them nice and fresh.

When the flowers blossomed, I was so quick to grab my camera...LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE.

I adore these flowers, thankyou so much Blossoming Gifts!
I will definitely be using their website in the future. 
As well as flowers they offer other small gifts such as teddies and chocolates, which is a perfect idea for christmas presents.



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