Monday, 5 September 2016


I've noticed quite a lot of you are heading to University this month (or like me, going back to continue with studies.) 
I remember moving to my university halls like it was yesterday. Those excited/nervous butterflies, the constant stalking of new flat mates on social media, and that long car journey sat between a pile of those oh-so-important items you just NEEDED to bring. Like...y'know, the bottles of vodka and the midnight snacks you managed to sneak into your suitcase.
Ah man, I wish I was doing it all over again. 

If you're anything like I was and are still grabbing some last minute University bargains, then I've found just the things for you! Decorating your room at uni is a MUST. I mean, you'll be spending all your time in there completing your work and studying extra hard right? Okay, or so your families might think... ha. Your room is going to be your new party pad. Or even just a place to scoff your face with domonis pizza (courtesy of the freebie vouchers always given out) followed by some donuts from the reduced section of the local supermarket. Oh baby. HELL YEAAAHHHH.

So anyway, back on track- this year, Primark Home have seriously upped their game. There's nowhere better to buy affordable, cute and trendy home items. 
God, I flippin' love Primark.

1) Marble Print Pop Up Storage - £3.50
2) Pink Decorative Candle - £2.00
3) Awesome Stuff Storage Box - £5.00
4) Heart Wire Lights - £2.50
5) Notebook - £3.000
6) Weekly Planner Chalkboard - £5.00
7) Paperclip Photo Holder - £2.00
8) Cup - £3.00
9) Pineapple Light - £10.00
10) Over Door Hooks - £2.50
11) Cushion - £5.00
12) Cactus Tin Candle - £1.50
13) Hangers - £3.00
14) Harry Potter Wall Art - £6.00
15) Soap Dispenser - £4.00
16) Copper Hanging  Peg Board - £6.00

Aren't they all just adorable?!
Yep, thank me later.

Good luck to anyone moving away for Uni this year.
I hope you have an absolute blast. 



  1. i love primark homeware! everything is lovely xo

  2. Gahhh all of this makes me want to go shopping RIGHT NOW! :D

  3. I love primark homeware! It is so affordable yet stylish x

  4. Primark is such a great place to go for home wear! You can always pick up a great bargain there. I have the 'Know who you are, Love who you are' cushion. It's such a cute detail in my room. Love your wishlist xx

    Lauren |

    1. aww, I can imagine the cushion looks adorable! Thankyou for your comment sweet xx

  5. I always have a seasonal haul in primark, they always have such a great range in clothing and homeware, and their candles are so lush! I've really been loving their fairy lights and blankets this Autumn!

    Sara |

    1. ooo you've tempted me to do an Autumn haul now! It's fab for christmas presents too! xx

  6. I haven't gone to the homeware department of primark in so long... Definitely wanna go now!great post

  7. I haven't gone to the homeware department of primark in so long... Definitely wanna go now!great post

  8. Primark is the best! My local Primark at uni doesn't have a homeware section which is soooo sad! I absolutely adore the pineapple light and the peg board 😍 Thanks for sharing your wish list!

    Abbey 🌈

  9. I actually really love some of the pieces they do!! I always get sucked into buying stuff!! They have really upped their game lately!!

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