Friday, 27 May 2016

The Liebster Award

After seeing many of the lovely bloggers on my bloglovin and twitter feeds getting nominated for the liebster award (and having enjoyed reading through all of their answers) I was super jealous that I hadn't been tagged myself. It seemed like such a fun blog post to do and something a lot of the blogging community was getting involved in. So I was very happy and honoured when the fab Grace nominated me for this award! So thankyou so much, and everyone go and check out her blog!

Now to get answering the questions that Grace asked me.

1) If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
As much as they terrify me, and as much as I hate them, I think I would be a cat. Cats seem to do whatever the hell they want and are quite content on just doing their own thing. However, they pick certain people that they like to cling onto and love dearly. So in that sense, I'm very much like a cat.

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live?
This is a hard one. If you'd ask me a few years ago I would have hands down said London. But now that I live and study in the countryside, I quite like being in a town. I have moved around a lot and have never really been tied to one place, so because of that I would be pretty happy anywhere! The more places to explore the better!

3) If you could travel back in time, is there a moment in history that you would like to visit?
I'd love to visit the 80's and wear cool clothes and go partying to 80's music! How fun would that be?! I recently went to the cinema to watch "Everybody wants some" and it was so good. So if you like 80's lifestyle, go and watch it!

4) Beach or Pool?
Definitely pool. I do like an evening walk along the beach, but spending the day there is too much for me to handle. 

5) What is your favourite makeup product?
I could not live without my Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel. It's crazy cheap and does a fantastic job! A beauty MUST HAVE.

6) Favourite social media platform?

7) What is the best advice that you have ever recieved?
Hmm, this is a tricky one. Probably just the standard advice of just to GO FOR IT. The amount of times where I stress, worry and overthink before doing something I really want to do is stupid. Which often results in me missing out on such great opportunities. If you really want to do something, DO IT and worry about it later. You'll thank yourself for taking the plunge.

8) What is your favourite brand of clothing?
Not really a "brand" (idk???) but I get the majority of my clothes from New Look. Every time I step into the shop I see about 10000 items I want.

9) What is your favourite flower?
A rose.

10) What is your favourite drink?
*cough* Blue WKD *cough* who said that? Not me.

11) What beauty brand would you most like to try out next?
I've seen everyone raving about NYX and I am STILL yet to try it out, which I'd love to. I'm so excited to get my hands on some of their products.

I hope you enjoyed my answers, it was nice to tell you a little bit more about me.

I'm nominating 5 lovely blogs for the Liebster award. 

Jazmyn from Jazmynsmith
Hannah from Little thoughts
Clara from Ice cream and Clara
Kayleigh from Kayleigh Zara
Abbey Louisa Rose 
(Abbey is about to set up a blog so when she does I think she should do this as she is lovely and I would love to see her answer the questions!)

Your questions will be:
1) How did you get into blogging?
2) What is your favourite blog?
3) What is your favourite beauty brand?
4) What is your favourite clothes shop?
5) House or apartment?
6) A summer holiday or city break?
7) Club or house party?
8) Favourite TV show?
9) Your favourite quote?
10) What is your career aspiration?
11) What is the favourite place you've ever visited?

Thanks again to Grace for the tag!



  1. Thanks so much for the tag! Will definitely do this when I get started <33 Evening walks along the beach are my favourites as well, just nice not to be there in the hustle and bustle! xx

    1. yay, please do! I really look forward to it lovely. Thanks for the comment xx

  2. Liebster Awards are so much fun to do! I'm glad you got a chance to do it! Twitter is my favorite social media at the moment too :) Instagram comes to a close second!

    1. They really are, aren't they?! Oo, Instagram is my close second too! Thanks for the comment sweet xx

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